LS1 forum folks droolin over 05 stang

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  1. I don't agree. Chevy makes money on the Vette. Its been around since about 1953, far longer than the mustang. I doubt that the prowler or SSR or Ford GT will be around for 50 years. The SSR will be a limited production vehicle while the Vette is considered mass production.
  2. Very true since it is the bread and butter mustang. But that's only 1 part of the picture. GT sales where huge as well. Ford sold what....close to 40,000 GT's?? Maybe 8-12,000 Cobra's?? GM sold how many v6 and v8 camaro's combined?? 40-42,000???

    I think the mustangs sales domination shows up in areas other than the v6 cars. That same 3 to 1 ratio translates into v8 sales as well seeing as how they probably sell them by the same wide margin. One could even argue that Ford sells more v8 Mustangs than chevy did v6 and v8 camaro's combined.

    As Z28x said, the mustang really wasn't the driving force behind the f-bods demise. It might have contributed to it in that it stole potential sales seeing as how the mustang is the camaro's main competitor. However, the good bulk of the blame would fall on the shoulder of GM for practically setting up and leaving the f-bod for failure. If anything, the Mustang tells GM that a pony car actually sells in this day and age, and that there is a market for such car. So in reality, the mustang sales success is probably doing more helping than hurting.
  3. It isn't really fair to compare Camaro sales after 2000, GM scaled back production in the last 2-3 years. They droped the F-body plant down to 1 shift. With GMs lack of advertising/promotion many people probably thought the car wasn't built anymore. In 94 and 95 the Camaro actually out sold the Mustang. As far as Cobra production goes, I beleive it is limited at 7500 units, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. You make some good points. I stated what I stated because alot of guys on this site believe the demise of the fbody was because the GT's and Cobras are better cars. Thats really the crowd I was targeting.
  5. It's safe to say that the camaro's demise can't be summed up in one simple answer.

    It's just dead.
  6. Because GM wanted it dead... and they ain't sayin' why!! :o/
  7. Your'e suggesting passion where none existed. In the end, it was a business decision.

    just be thankfull they didn't bring it back as a fwd hatchback, ala chevy nova/pontiac lemans.
  8. WHEN, the Shelby Cobra comes out it will NOT, have a hard top, and more than likely will not have side windows. It will stay true to hits roots.

    And Ford isnt ready to release, GT's at 320-350 HP. Cant it be done. Hell yes. They need to keep the middle of the road free for the spin offs it will do. GT350, 500, Boss, Mach.
  9. Not a bad estimate... Actual Mustang production for 2003
    V6 Coupe - 59943
    V6 Convertible - 26500
    GT Coupe - 26238
    GT Convertible - 15518
    Centennial Coupe - 717
    Centennial Convertible - 1323
    Cobra Coupe - 6600
    Cobra Convertible - 4110
    Mach 1 - 9652

    TOTAL - 150,601 Units (Source:

    GM ceased production of the f-bodys for one reason only. They dropped the ball. GM simply lost its love for the Camaro & Firebirds, and in the end, so did owners, as is evident in sales.

    Ford has kept up its love affair with the Mustang and has brought, sometimes kicking & screaming, owners and enthusiasts along with it... and maybe the big payoff of waiting 25 years is about to happen in 2005. The caveat here is that Ford has got to have it right. Its hyped this car for nearly 2 years, when it hits the lots. Expectations are very high.
  10. yea the ls1 is great at oil consumption :lol: :rlaugh:
  11. Owners love them, they have a hard core following like the Mustang, a lot of people are pissed.

    Ford and GM just cared too much about SUVs and not RWD cars :(
  12. The problem is that while they have a hard core following, they don't much beyond that. The Mustang would die as well if only the hard core followers bought any.

  13. Really??? My LT-1 has just about zero oil consumption. (Never down at oil change time.)
  14. I suppose that would be good business sense, but after all the hype I would have expected more. I guess if they are gonna run special prod. versions, then that would leave them room to play.
  15. They can't, the Ford GT will be in direct conflict with a bunch of the new safety regulations in 2007. Thats the only reason it isn't going on further. It simply can't affordably be changed to meet those standards and stay the same car.

    I think the Vette is a Halo car, even though it makes money. It has a unique position of being an expensive car that can make a name for a whole brand yet still sells enough to make money. Although I believe the Mustang has roughly equivalent history and tradition, it is not capable of quite the same effect, though it can to a lesser extent.

    The Camaro died for many reasons, and we have about 18 threads in this forum alone that deal with it. No need to delve into it deeper. However, it is nice to see that Ford (and GM) has an owner that is interested in american performance. Now if we could only get some of those Germans to think like that... I want a goddamn Hemi Cuda...
  16. How about a four door Hemi Charger? Will that work? They killed Plymouth so if you wanted another Chrysler pony car it would have to be a Challenger.
  17. They can do a Dodge hemi cuda if they wan't. If it say's "cuda" and has the right punch in the right places, no one will care if it's a dodge, plymouth, fargo, etc.

    Don't sweat the petty things (etc. etc.)
  18. I'd rather have a Viper-powered Prowler. (VBG)
  19. you guys sure talk some stupid crap. The vette is the halo car for GM, and the GT Mustang is to compete with ferrari and the vette? And the new mustang has no new technology or horsepower? Your all on crack!!!
    This is the first time the GT is coming with 300 horses!!
    The auto is 5 speeds!!
    The manual actaully shifts smooth!!!
    The rearend is a race 3 link with panhard bar!!!
    The standard engine is all aluminum and 3 valves per cylinder!!
    Dont you see that the GT must stay cheap and that includes insurance. You cant put crazy tech and power into a base car or nobody can afford it or the insurance. If you want more power, then you pay more. Thats why Ford offers like 5 levels of power; the V6, GT, Mach1, Cobra, and the supercar. I dont see GM doing that.
    You also have to see that the GT can't outpower the next car in the same way a Camaro will never have the power of a vette.
    Stop comparing the Vette with the GT, your idiots. They are totally different cars. Why dont you compare the civic with the GT then. The GT is a fun, money making heritage car for Ford, thats all. IT also markets itself.
    The new Mustang is going to be great regardless of what else comes out, and again, performance parts will be readily available and cheap so dont worry. Stop ****ing about everything,and be greatful for what Ford has made. They could have made a 500 horse Gt and youd still find something to complain about!!!
  20. Actually, in the mid-90s, the Firebird Formula RamAir put more horsepower to the asphalt than the LT-1 Corvette. The BHP was so close thast the HP loss in the IRS actually put the 'Bird slightly ahead. Chevy Division got rather pi**ed at Pontiac Division over it!!! Especially since the Pontiac weighed less!! ;o)