LS1 Heads on a Ford

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  1. an interesting idea. it is going to make for expensive junk yard heads in the near future though.
  2. i've always maintained that the LS motors had a lot more similarities to small ford than to any other motor chevy ever made. i'd be kind of interested to see how they'd fit on a 351c , actually seeing that the deck height is very close to identical. i also think the new tall deck LSX motors have a similar deck height to a 351w. hmmmm
  3. A couple posts in that thread mention Cleveland-headed SBC's. That sounds interesting, too, with all the super cheap 383 SBC shortblocks out there. What would you call this? A Clevely? A Chevland?
  4. Clevrolet?
  5. What I want to know is how the bore spacing comes out. That and the head bolt pattern. Seems to me that stuff precludes head swapping between brands.
  6. did you read the thread in the link Dave? the LS1 bore spacing and head bolt pattern are nearly identical, apparently a couple of head bolt holes in the head are slightly off in the corners but only slightly, he says that if you install these heads on a 351 block and bore the head bolt holes out to 1/2" to accomodate the windsor block you can easily correct the small discrepancy. he said the bigges problem he would have would be getting a cam custom ground to match the swapped valve pattern of the LS1 head and either adapting an intake or doing as he's doing and building a custom sheetmetal piece.

    however, what i'm thinking about is an LS6 or LS2 head that has an intake port that more closely resembles a small ford port, sure you'd need to do some serious port matching and modification to the intake and still need the custom cam....anyway, it's just a thought.
  7. Ok, yea I see now that I went back and read the whole thing. Guess I was closer than I thought when I said the LS1 looked more like a Ford than a Chebby. Toyota's Nascar motor looks like a Cleveland.
  8. Yeah, they did a carbed LS something buildup on Horsepower TV and they even used a Ford distributor in the front! Yeah there are improvements unique to the LS (mostly having to do with strength and support for the mains), but I agree that Chevy's clean sheet redesign is a lot more like a SBF than a SBC. I even posted to that effect earlier this year, but at that time the posters on that thread disagreed with me.
  9. Looks like you've been vindicated. I think it's great that Chevrolet has returned to their roots and started building speed parts for Fords again.
  10. i've always thought there were a lot of similarities between the LS motors and the SBF.
  11. Kinda comes full circle with Chebby guys adapting Cleveland heads on Chebby blocks....................... Took em 40 years to learn though..
  12. I am adding all this up in my head, and figure the best way to go with something like this is a 351c block, LS6 heads, and LSx truck intake.

    The 351c has nearly the same deck height, so you can use a stock intake.
    The truck intake is known to be the best stocker out there for the LSx.
    The speed guys just can't take advantage of it because it is so tall.
    That leads me to the next point... :)
    The tall intake on the trucks is very similar in design to the 5.0 Stang intake.
    No interference with the distributor! Unlike the car intake that has the TB over the water pump.

    There are PLENTY of aftermarket controllers for the LSx out there, and there even would be ways to make the stock harness and ECM work.

    Also, I don't see a big deal in getting the cam made.
    The lobes don't care if they are working intake or exhaust.
    If you keep it simple and use a single pattern cam, it shouldn't matter.

    I just thought of another big plus for using the C block!
    The water outlet in the block... no need to rig up hoses to the freeze plugs like the poster on the other forum was contemplating.

    Heck with it...
    Now that we got the intake fitment figured out, just get a carb intake for the LSx and put it on the Cleveland. Don't even worry about the ECM!
    Maybe not though... EFI is one of the components that makes the LSx engines so good.
    Tough call.
    Why not just put a 5.0 ECM in there? Should work.
  13. Carb it. and don't worry about the ECM. Spec the cam like it's going to have EFI and don't go too big on the carb and it'll run almost exactly like it's got EFI. Been drivin the Ranger to work to keep the 06 Stang clean and the weather's been cool to cold here. I go out, hit the starter and never touch the gas pedal in it and it's yet to fail to start with no choke, & no "pump shot" to prime it. Cam in it is the F4TE EFI roller with 1.7 rockers on an A321 intake. Carb is a Holley 570 SA, first thing I did before bolting it down was remove the choke assembly.
  14. I think if I ever use ls heads, it will be on a ls block. It is a novel idea to put them on a Ford, but not practical IMO.
  15. I'm joining some of the forums that have my link from Every step I take I will post on there.I'm looking for a 351w motor so I can have it have it waiting for the cam before the holidays come around. If you guys got any questions LMK.
  16. I would never buy a Chevy, but if I did I would use the whole package as well. The aluminum block looks really beefy and nice - at least the pictures of the LS block I've seen in the past did. I have no idea which LS it was.

    The thing that bugs me about the whole LS thing is they have a lot of cubes, but people insist on comparing them to 5 liter Fords. They should really be compared to the 385 series motors, but Chevy guys wouldn't want to do that! :rolleyes:
  17. because its always mustang vs camaro. :)

    I would personaly run the LS motor instead of tghe ford. Lets face it, the LSx is better in almost every respect than the regular small block ford windsor or cleveland. Its just better made, makes more power, and in the end is cheaper. I would like to see

    Plus not a whole lot of people can tell the LS1 heads are on a small block ford. They might think that its already an LS1 motor and not some bastard hybrid. Novel idea however. Those who know cars would really have fun figuring that one out :)
  18. My question is WHY? Are the LS heads better than the aftermarket ones for Fords? Would you be saving money after the machine work and other parts involved? I know it would be different but I'd rather use parts made for a Ford because that's what I like. If I wanted Chevy parts I'd just go buy a Chevy. I guess everybody's got to do their own thing though.
  19. IMO, LS1 heads are Ford heads made by GM. They ditched the stupid siamese port design in favor of Ford's design and started making wicked power.