LS1 Heads on a Ford

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  1. I dunno, I am probably missing something and thinking about it all wrong.

    Wasn't there a reverse rotation marine SBF at one time?
    Would the cam need to be reverse rotation??? The engine is rotating the correct direction, in theory, just the lobes are swapped.

    It's too early on a Sat morning... my brain hurts.
  2. What I'm saying is that no matter where the cam is set in relation to the crank, the exhaust lobe is still going to come around first, causing the exhaust port to act as the intake. The positions of the intake and exhaust lobes on the cam itself need to be reversed like the LSX cams are compared to a 351W/5.0.
  3. because in this aspect there is not much machining on the LQ9 or LQ3 heads just port and polish. Then bolt and go these heads flow 230 cfm at 550 gross lift and you can pick a good non worked over used pair for about 600 bucks now can you get a pair of after market ford heads that flow those numbers at that price ?
  4. but you also have to take into consideration of what 65 clone says about the cam. The intake and exhaust valves are bakwards from the ford, wich intern means the valve reliefs are backwards too. This swap is great if you have the money or conections in the hot rod world. I just sat down and did the math and really windsor sr. heads are worth the money and they bring a motor to life for the money. But this LS head swap is genius and all the chevy guys are mad when they found out about this saying we have to use their heads to make our fords fast. I got news for them its our head design and two my car was fast when i was running iron ford heads on it.