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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone ever done it? Is it possible? I'm sick of think about how much money is spent putting power adders on our cars and only getting N/A power of a LS1. What would it take to put a LS1 in a mustang? I just found out the other day that a camaro that I lost to (the only car I lost to) has a 424ci LS1 in it that is putting down anywhere from 500-600+ hp tp the wheels. You will never see that out of a mustang. It must be done and I know its wrong but it has to happen sooner or later! :lol: :bang:
  2. yea theres some kmembers that are made for sbc motors. Doesn't the LS1 use the same motor mounts and bellhousing as the standard sbc
  3. i cant believe my eyez....are u serious? Although its a creative

    If u want LS1 power..u should just trade in the stang for a real LS1 powered car...................................trader.................. :nonono:
  4. Hmmm, would be interesting. I don't see why not... morally, it'd be like taking the good part out of camaros, and putting them in a good car, like a mustang! I'm sure there will be a lot of issues though.
  5. Ever seen a bow tie on a horse? It's just not natural.
  6. Lol, I forgot to add, you're going to be flamed to a crisp :D
  7. well..this way you get the good part of a F-body into and good car. I know AJE makes K-members with SBC motor mounts. If a LS1 will bolt onto it I don't see the problem. just get a loom all elctrical worked out, trans, etc it'll be awesome to get a 400+ci LS1 into a mustang and then add some nitrous to it. In jegs there is a LS1 longblock with everything for 5999. guys I'm going to do it, one way or another it will be done haha. I don't care if it takes a whole year. haha, I'll let you know how it goes. just scrapped my bb stroker set-up. :nonono:
  8. I know, but when its done we'll see.haha :rlaugh: oh man this is so wrong
  9. Seriously ? It better not be that easy...
  10. it can't be any more complicated than throwing a 347 crate etc.
  11. if I had the money, and lived in a area that didn't require smog checks, i would just drop a 428 cobra jet engine in my car. that way I'll be still keeping it 100% ford, and I wouldn't have to worry about messing with computer wiring
  12. I guess I'm just a stickler about keeping the brand the same. There's nothing I hate more than seein an old Ford 3-window coupe with a 350 Chevy motor in it, or a Superformance Cobra with a GM smallblock under the hood. Those are the same people that wear Adidas socks with Nikes.
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    How can you say you dont see mustangs putting down 500-600rwhp?? Yeah, maybe N/A but you have to realize the displacement and engine type difference. The LS1 is a massive pushrod engine. The 4.6L is a small displacement overhead cam engine. There are plenty of mustangs with well over 500rwhp...they just need power adders.
  14. Well... I think that is exactly his point. If it can be put in with little hassle, that'd be neat, power wise.
  15. Well... I think that is exactly his point. If it can be put in with little hassle, that'd be neat, power wise.

    ADDIDAS SOCKS AND NIKE SHOES? You match your sock brands with your shoes? Am I the only one who doesnt do this? I mean talking about mustangs and LS1's is a bit more severe, but I dont ... see... this kind of comparison, making any comparison :D
  16. hey if my 4.6 could make 500+ N/A power I'd stay with it. I want the N/A power of a ls1 and then throw a power adder on it.
  17. do you have any idea how wicked you could make your mustang with that 6000 you would spend on the LS1 motor? why not swap a 5.0 based 347 stroker in if the LS1 swap is the same amount of work? the idea just doesnt jive...

    and you would be surprised at how much power you can get out of a 4.6, just a matter of building it right. (and dont think the 500hp LS1's arent built pretty good either)
  18. But why??? Dude you shouldnt have bought a mustang if you want an LS1 (not talking to you Falcon, talking to the original poster). You should have thought about what kind of power you wanted before buying. LS1 makes great N/A power because of two things:

    1. High compression
    2. Lots of displacement

    the 4.6L has good potential because it has fairly low compression; it can take the boost.

    Think about it this way...

    Take any 99+ GT with a 1.7L Kenne Bell blower. (the only reason I'm using KB as an example is that it has a displacement measurement for comparasin).
    4.6 + 1.7 = 6.3L

    405hp/427lbs at the wheels with 9psi. This can be run safely on a completely stock engine, no internal work.

    507hp/521lbs of torque at 14psi. This has been run on stock engines, but is probably not very safe at all. 400hp is about the limit for the stock engine.

    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that the 4.6L has just as much power considering the size of the engine. The 4.6 LOVES to get blown!!!!

    Oh yeah, keep in mind; I did not even mention the 4v engine. These make 550rwhp no problem with a 2.2L kenne bell.
  19. Thats rediculous......
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