LS1 in a mustang

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Why not just go to a stroked 351. That would put more than enough power to the wheels and could be converted to fuel injection if you wanted to go that route.
  2. btw - tony there are gunna be some mod motor's coming out soon that are gunna be putting out some pretty impressive numbers n/a ;) talking 400+ soon. so if it's not an immediate thing, you may wanna keep your eyes peeled ;)
  3. how? I talked to a tech at VT and CHP and they said Quote:"you will likely be dissapointed at you #'s, they would be around 330-350 N/A" How is it possible on such a small bore to get over 400?
  4. That would probably be a pain in the a** to get that thing mounted. From the link above it turns out that the LS1 can "easily" be bolted in.

  5. who says it's gunna be a 281, or even a 302 ;) it's being worked on right now, so i'm not sure what can be said about it yet :)

  6. in defense of ford motors, it's not gunna be any more difficult than that ls1 swap, actually easier if you go carb'd. all you'd need was a new k-member if you do a carb instead of fuel injection
  7. o man! honestly you just made me shiver. I need details! If that is released by the end of the year you might be able to save me from going with a LS1. PM me if you can.
  8. You guys talking about power plants and everything just get the 5.4 motor and if that isn't big enough get it bored and stroked! If you stick an ls1 in there is would be called a "chord" or a "fevy". it would be a Mutant! There is nothing wrong with that if you want to be different!
  9. But where do I get one?

    I've been looking everywhere for a 5.4...

  10. wrecked navigators are a good place to look
  11. Thought those were tuned mainly for low-end towing torque...
  12. A properly built 5.4 DOHC will see 500+rwhp N/A. The best in the business right now is Boss330 racing when it comes to 5.4's. He will be doing my 4.6 4V this fall/winter, and will easily see 400rwhp.

    The main advantage of the 5.4 is the TQ, compared to the 4.6. The two big dissadvantages are the cost to build and the fact it is a very tight fit under the hood.

    Tony, I would bet that the 351 swap would be much simpler than the LS1 amd probably be cheaper. Either way there will be some computer issues that will need to be worked out. Remember, you GT's computer is controlling more than the engine managment.

    The negative with the 351, no matter carbed or injected will have OBDII compliance issues. So if being emissions legal means anything to you, then it will be a problem.

  13. nothing some cams & an intake couldn't cure
  14. emissions will not be an issue. Do you have a website for Boss330? And what kind of 350 owuld you be talking about?
  15. Point taken :p
  16. i found the website but its under construction.

  17. i didn't read this whole thread..i just thought it was funny that somebody called an OHC design motor primative as compared to pushrods. :rolleyes:
  18. thought the same thing, just the pushrod LS1 produces a lot more power.
  19. so now I got three choices.
    1:Built LS1
    2:Built 350 (need details)
    3:wait for MPH to come out with a new set-up.
    ~regardless, thank you all for your input and for not flaming me too bad! Still need details though.
  20. but it doesn't, its specific out put per litre is not really any different, it just has more litres.

    As for the swap, well if you didn't already have a motor capable of 700rwhp then I could see the logic, an ls1 will make heaps of power but so far its not recognised as a great FI motor due to many issues. A s/c LS1 street car will be at about 530rwhp, yet a 4.6 DOHC Cobra can see 505rwhp and probably be more durable.

    Any engine swap for a non original is big work regardless, if you really want a 9 second car then there are better engines and methods.

    1. Get a MUCH lighter car, if you could knock 800kg (1760lb) off the kurb weight it would make one hell ofa difference. European and classics would be a good bet, or a totally custom car or replica like an AC Cobra.

    The general rule of thum, if it weighs double it can take upto 4 times the amount of power to move it at the same rate.

    Hence a 230bhp Caterham can run low 11's high 10's out of the box, as it weighs less than 500kg (1100lbs).

    As you have already agreeded that there is no replacement for displacement then why not look at engines like an 8.0 Dodge Viper unit (must be available 2nd hand), it may be a tight squeeze but WOW what a car.

    Or follow nearly every top fuel dragster and get a classic Mopar Hemi, crate motors are availble with 610bhp out of the box all n/a. These engines are still the standard for high end drag racing.

    I however quite like the Viper V10 idea, How about that 'Mustang Cobra Viper' badge you could have.
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