LS1 in a mustang

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Already looked into it.... that big block has NO chance of fitting.... in a 99 at least :p
  2. thats a real shame although I'm sure nothing an angle grinder and gas axe can't fit.

    After all I've seen a Chevy big block (550bhp) in MINI :D

    Edit: A real Mini not a German imposter. :nono:
  3. OMG, what's next? The Cobra 5.4 in Civic . . . . puleeze :puke:
  4. well if I had the money I would buy one of these:
    Its a Dax Rush, light weight RWD. And fit something like an LS1 or big block to it. Def no less than about 650bhp. All up weight should be about 850kg (about 1900lbs) so giving it a power to weight ratio of about 820bhp/ton :D

    To get that out of a Mustang you would need in the region of 1360bhp :rlaugh:

    The only issue might be keeping the damn thing on the ground.
  5. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: chevy motors belong in chevys and ford motors in fords. why is it that so many people in here latley want too turn there car into a abortion :shrug:

    why not put in a 03-04 cobra motor. the cost will be less after all things are considered. and it will kill a LS-1 trust me it will cost THOUSANDS of dollars just too get that LS-1 or a regular 350 to work in a 96+ stang

    this is not the 50's our cars have many modules that depend on inputs from other modules. all modules are tied into a network.. you will need too adress the pats issues. abs will be gone. so the whole brake system needs too be done. and not just buy new parts. i mean redesign the system. the abs module has too have inputs fromt he PCM. and your PCM will not be there on the network anymore.

    some of your elctornics will not work because they are all controled by the GEM module. and the GEM will not be able too work in your chevy/ford setup. because there is no matching pcm too comunicate with.

    the insturment cluster will not work. the ICM ( instrument cluster module) is the hub for the network. without the pcm and abs and gem. the instument cluster will not work properly.

    you could do abortion motor swaps on the old fox bodys because they did not have module communication. for one all they had was a pcm. everything else was regular electronics.

    i could go on for hours about how bad of a idea these swaps are. the best thing you can do is a 03-04 cobra swap. using a whole wrecked car, that way you have access too the whole harness and all the modules.

    remember in a 03-04 cobra swap if you do that you will need atleast the PCM and ICM from the same car.

    in case you did not read my whole post.

  6. Anyone can make a Chevy go fast, but making a Ford go fast, thats the challenge. That's why we mod Fords. The only replacement for displacement is boost. Thats what Ford gave us, so thats what we have to deal with. I don't see why everyone is drooling over 500hp NA V8. No matter how an engine makes power (NA, Supercharged, Turbo, Nitrous) 500hp/500tq is 500hp/500tq, whether its a 5.7L Chevy or a Supercharged 4.6L Ford.
  7. cobra 4.6 or navigator 5.4 with kenne bell and call it a day. unless you reallly want this challenge to do it.

    i can deal with white people and black people getting married and what not, but mixing a ford and a cheby ....thats where i draw the line.

  8. I personally would just feel retarded with an LS1 Chevy engine in my Ford. Thats....just not right. Seriously, you might get laughed at on the street. I would laugh at a guy, if I saw him in a Z28 with an 04 Cobra engine in it :shrug:

    I think you should just stay with a power adder. Or just get a Cobra man. They are really nice and fast. It would def smoke a stock LS1...
  9. :rlaugh: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rlaugh:
  10. why not a 5.4l 4 valve with a power adder.
    this would be much easier.
  11. T'is what I am lookin at... anyone know of a place that sells 99+ navigator DOHC 5.4s?
    for some 351 ci and 392 strokers

    I don't remember but I know I saw some 5.4 nav. engines as crates
    this ones old Item Number:735
    Date Added:2004-12-06

    Surplus deal on Ford Navigator 5.4L engines 32 valve
    Fits 1999-2004 (5)
    New take outs $3877.60 u.s.

    I also am running an LS1 (2003 vette) with z06 heads and mild cam and headers it makes 450hp, 400tq-cubic inch is hard to beat.
    we are always looking the run with something a little stronger -be it mustang, vette, viper whatever thats part of the challenge
  13. 350? What engine are you talking about.

    Call Al at Boss330 and discuss your needs. Hands down, one of the best engine builders out there.

    They have Navigator Long Blocks there.$3000+.

    They also have Lightining and F-150 5.4L engines there.
  15. 5.4 with a Kenne Bell . . . better have a 10" cowl on that hood.
  16. Its still pointless. How much will it cost to make your 4.6 4v 400 HP? You take an LS1 and do breathing mods (full exhaust, intake, manifold, maf) and you will exceed 400HP. You can probably get a stock ls1 up to 400HP with just about less than 1k. I hate to say it, but these cammer engines just don't respond as well to modifications as a pushrod motor. Look at the can bolt an eddy (or trick flow) manifold, do some exhaust work, computer upgrades and that thing will be bangin out 320 HP no problem.
  17. I love the idea, i've been wondering about it too.

    Think about it, the BEST of both worlds.

    huge engine bay to work in, working on LS1 motors in LS1 cars, sucks.
    The factory suspension is much better than the camaro for strieght line racing.
    the 8.8 rear is a stouter piece than the 10-bolt, GM uses.

    The best V-8 built today,
    and strong, i have a close friend in a formula that broke into 10's on the stock shortblock and heads, with 12psi on over 10:1 compression on 94 octane!!

    it would be sweet.
    here is a link to a thread Jeremy from nitrous express sent me about the dedicated fuel system for the nitrous i was talking about earlier. that is for whoever said they want to know how my motor will blow up when i run 250+ hp shot. its a realy cool system. I'm going to wait till fall for MPH to come out with their new block before I jump into a LS1. I don't know any details of it yet but I don't want to regret going LS1 when I maybe could've done something better. But I'm still doing my research on the LS1. here is some of the stuff I got so far.
    -Chevy LS1 Aluminum Block 374, 383, and 393cu in. for $2,299
    -6.0 L iron block 398, 408, 414 cu in. for $2,999
    -painless engine management system $1,299
    -or $5,999 for a LS1 longblock with everything, ECM, wiring harness, injectors, TB, exhaust, flexplate, etc.
  19. first of all the ls1 cars have better suspension, brakes, rigidity than a mustang. ls1 does not use the same motor mounts as a sbc. sorry if this has been said before, but i think if you want an ls1 just get a camaro or a 95 bmw 3 series and put it in that, swap kits already available for those and then you wouldn't have to hear all the crap from die hard chevy/ford guys.
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