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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Simple as this by the time u spent all that money getting that LS1 into your mustang you could have had a way faster 2v mustang by then. You want an engine swap fine go get an 03/04 cobra engine and you can blow the pants off pretty much any LS1 you want to. If you are that obsessed with staying N/A and just have some weird fetish for it I'm sure u can find some Ford engine that would do the job just as good as the LS1 would and can be put in for cheaper.

  2. :stupid: In fact, thats pretty much what I said on page 2 :)

    And there is NOTHING wrong with having a fetish with staying N/A :D :banana:
  3. I am one of those die hard ford guys and will never get rid of my mustang. I'd rather run down the track than drive a camaro or especially a bmw. the motor mounts from a 4.6 can be used with little modification, I definately have a better suspension, rigidity, and rear end than most F-bodies.
  4. If you want a 9 second car there might be something wrong with having an N/A fetish. Hell if I had the money I would have got a blower along ass time ago. Dont see why anybody who wants a 9 second car would want to stay N/A.
  5. That was not the point I was making. The person in question asked about where he could get a 5.4 and I was responding.

    Second, if I wanted an LS1 engine, I would buy a GM. I prefer to stick with what came in the car.

    Lastly, sure it is expensive, but I will be putting in solid internals as well. You have to remember, the LS1 is still 69 CI more than the 4.6. I think it is pretty darn respectable being able to get 400+rwhp out of an engine the size of 281 CI.
  6. If your such a die hard Ford guy how come you want to put a chevy engine in your mustang. To most Ford owners that is blasphemy. Personally I could really care less if you put an LS1 engine in your car just saying its probably a waste of money and you could achieve your goal much faster going a different route.
  7. I don't want to blow the pants off pretty much any LS1, I want to be untouchable! I want to have a motor that will produce gobs of power N/A because I will spray with it too. So if I have a motor producing 500hp and lets say 500 ftlbs tq, slap a 250 shot on it and you got at least750-800 ftlbstq. Plus I can run someone without the bottla and say I beat you without a power adder. And come on, who wouldn't wanna beat someone without a power adder. A 4.6, or even a BB or a stroker with a power adder would have a hard time keeping up with a built LS1. So...get a built LS1 and a power adder.
  8. yea but only with a power adder.
  9. Why is it weird, because you say so? I have been there and done that with blower and nitrous cars.

    Personally I prefer going fast with a car that I am not having to worry about all the crap that needs to be watched to assure it won't grenade. Forged or stock, a car with a power adder has a more likely change of going south than a N/A engine.

    And please don't tell me it's all in the tune. I have seen many cars where dyno numbers are quite on a super safe tune, only to grenade 60 feet from the trees.

    All the hardware needed to support a 400rwhp power adder car adds up quickly. Hardware that is not necessary for N/A.

    I understand the thread starter point, only dissagree with the way he wants to go about it. If emissions are not an issue, Ford has a pretty good lineup of engines that can get him the much wanted power levels.
  10. who said I was staying N/A? I want a motor that can produce good N/A numbers because I spray on my motor. I like nitrous, and will probably stick with nitrous over a blower. I'm not saying it is better, just I like it better. Not driving with boost all the time and can spray only when I need it.
  11. IDK I guess we just see differently. I could really care less how I get to 11 seconds or whatever you want run. Blower, nitrous, N/A dont really matter to me 11 seconds is 11 seconds. You want to be untouchable you say well how about an 03/04 Cobra engine with a KB and 100 shot I think you will be pretty untouchable.
  12. You better think about putting some solid internals into the LS1 to be pushing that kind of power.

    I still say a stoked 351 will get you there. It will be in the 500/500 range without the power adder. Parts are readily available.

    Remember, 750rwhp cars are not a dime a dozen and take all kinds of money to build.
  13. Ahhh alright I see your point. I still just think if you look hard enough u can find a nice engine that will make gobs of N/A power and then you can put nitrous on that. Somebody mentioned the 5.4 that would be something good to look into. IDK how well 347 strokers mix with nitrous but that could also be a good option.
  14. very true! But like I said before, I'm not doing this for sure, I am looking into other options also, Ford Motors, etc. Waiting to make my final decision in fall.
  15. No offense, but the 03/04 engine will not hold up under that kind of power. The guts are good, but not that good.
  16. Settle down dude, why are u getting so upset? You can only go so fast with no boost or nitrous, also once u start getting up into the high power #'s wether you are blown or not **** is going to break thats how cars work. He said he wants to be untouchable. Well #1 you will never be untouchable #2 you sure as hell wont be untouchable staying N/A.
  17. I know, whatever I do, I just want it to be different and stand out in the crowd. Money won't be a problem as long as I don't go too crazy, I'm stoping at 15K no more I think.
  18. I do realize someone will always be faster and I'm fine with that. I just want to be one of those cars that when people see it, even 10 second cars, they say I'm not messing with that.
  19. Neither will an LS1 or any other engine for that matter without a little build up. You want a car that fast you are going to have to build it up no matter what engine you have. 03/04 cobra would actually be a perfect engine since the bottom end is already pretty well built. People are running 20 lbs of boost on the stock bottom end of an 03/04 cobra. Look at SVTdubs car over on he did not have to do much work to make it handle 21 lbs of boost and nitrous.
  20. Easiest/cheapest way to do that is probably to just swap in a 4v and get a blower as far as I can tell that would probably be the cheapest way to get into the 9's. IDK maybe somebody knows a cheaper way just seems like that would be the cheapest way to me. Hey man its your car though just do whatever you want to do with it.
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