LS1 in a mustang

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. thanks for your input! :nice:

    I just noticed your in Illinois, Im in Rockford. Check out that link and you'll find plenty of good Ford motors for sale around here. The $6000 your wanting to spend on the LS1 could be spent better way on Ford stuff IMO.
    For example, I just did a search and found an Aviator 4V 4.6 for $2500. Add a 99/01 Cobra intake to that and you basically have a Mach1 motor, pretty equal to an LS1 stock for stock. Then add a Novi 2000 kit and get it tuned for around $4000. Thats gonna give you 500+ hp and with a good tune it will last. Then while you got a good running street motor, save up and get the 324" cu. in. VT motor and ported heads and cams. Granted its gonna cost some loot, but you'll be all Ford and making 700+ rwhp.
  3. I've got a buddy who just did an aviator swap but he put 03 cobra heads on it also. If you seriously want to consider that route let me know. He said was very pleased with the results. Cant remeber what exact #'s he made I know it was something above 300 rwhp. Not sure of his exact mods but I beleive the heads are completely untouched also and does not have aftermarket cams, or intake manifold.
  4. Why not makes things a little closer to home and try a 5.4 lightning motor...????
  5. I was told the Aviator motor is identical to the Mach1 other than the intake. I know for sure that the Mach 1 and 03/04 Cobras share the same heads so I assumed these were whats on the Aviator. People have used the intake in Mustang swaps, but you either have to figure out the secondary blades, or remove them.
  6. oh crap, lets hurry and tell the people that are doing, and have been doing it for a year now, to stop!!!!

    there are already a few people that have gotten 03/04 cobra shortblocks to run into the 9's with the aid of spray and drive the car home, and to work the next day, and the next . . .
  7. Personally, if I wanted to have a road burner and a head turner I would get something like a Superformance Cobra with a stroked 351. A friend has one and it was dynoed at 465 at the wheels. In a car MUCH lighter than a Mustang or a Camaro. By the time you spend all the time and money doing the swap, you could be out enjoying the Cobra...
  8. If you want to cause a the LS1 into a ford. Trust me you will get attention and stand out. Put a ford motor in a ford and you're just another face in the crowd.

    If I saw a newer Mustang with a bowtie on the front....It would instantly grab my attention. I would want to know all about it.
  9. About the heads IDK if they come stock on the aviator motor or not my buddy just told me it had 03 cobra heads on it. He has a 96 GT and he had to do some custom fabbing to fit that motor in there, biggest part being the intake. The intake sticks quite a bit above the factory hood. It also makes the intake tube alot higher up so you need a hood that is not just high in the center but high on the sides also. He just cut a hole in his hood to make the intake fit.

  10. you amaze me with your stupidity every time i read your posts.
  11. Yea, I'd like to learn all about it too. I'd also like a full depth (no pun intended) description on how to do a colonostimy.
  12. Well, I guess this idea would stir up alot of attention, just look at how much interest it has caused here, a 5 page thread....Hey if it possible I say go for it,good luck with the work i'll be tough :cheers:
  13. If I did end up doing the LS1 swap I would definately not put a bow tie on it. In fact I wouldn't tell anyone but all you guys on stangnet. I would try to keep it a secret. but....its not a definate thing. As for the Aviator, I'm looking at all my options, thanks again for the input guys!

  14. you could always tell people it was an 05 gt engine. 90% of people wouldn't catch it, lol. you can't hide that exhaust note of a ls1 though :notnice:
  15. :lol: your right those intakes look pretty similar.

  16. See what I mean. :rlaugh: :p
  17. ehh, imo half the fun would be making those brand loyal tools mad. :p
  18. --> 'LS1 in a mustang' go to last post by EddieHaskell

  19. Hey man, do your thing. It's your money and your car. You asked the question to know if anyone else had done it and to get input on alternatives. I'm guessing you didn't start the thread to be called a traitor or what not. Some people are closed minded and others are not.

    I love performance cars, be it lambos, ferraris, porsches, stangs, camaros and others and the whole point of the aftermarket is to do something different. Good luck with whatever you decide and if you ant to stay N/A then stay N/A! :nice:
  20. your a toll eddie go away.. yeah i am real brand loyal. i have owned a 87 turbo regal, a 94 z28 and ordered a 2000 z28 then changed my mind..

    the reason why i say not too try it is that this mustang will end up in a shop and to repair it after a fialed LS-1 swap will cost more than a new GT.

    one of my friends that builds cars ended up tring to fix a 2000 v6 stang that the owner try too swap a turbo regal 3.8 in. the whole point was that it would be fast and still a 3.8..

    well after he butched the car and gave up. ( nothing in the car would work) my friend returned it back too stock for the small price of the turbo buick drivetrain the mustang guy bought for the swap. and 1500 cash plus parts.nobody in this area including me wanted too touch this abortion.

    it took many hours too reverse the damage and make the car drivable so the owner could sell it.

    this IS what will happen if you try and put that LS-1 in. you will never get the cars modules too work. no way in hell all of them are tied in a network and share inputs.

    do you want abs brakes? well it wont work without the ford PCM. the abs module borrows inputs fromt he PCM. that is one example of many,

    you will have problems from the PATS and ABS all the way too gettting the interior lights and power windows too work.

    you guys don't understand the amount of custom work required in a swap liike this. it is not even somewhat close too even being in the same galaxy of being worth it. you will spend many thousands in parts and atleast hundreds of hours of work to get this thing running. ( if it ever does)

    why not build a KB 2.2 built 4.6 and make near 700 hp. or a 03-04 cobra swap.

    if the LS-1 was a better motor than the 03-04 cobra motor i could almost understand,. but it's not. so why go with the added expense of this swap.

    look tony just trust me on this i have many years of building cars and workiing on them under my belt. you don't want too do this. plus even if you went thru all this trouble it won't even be cool. i know if i saw it i would say too myself " WOW, that was a waste"

    or if you try it. contact me when it goes wrong. i could use another 99+ that i could buy for cheap money.
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