LS1 in a mustang

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. :stupid:
    This seriously is one of the most stupidest thing I have ever read here. This gets me as amazed as when you see perfectly restored mustangs (early years) with chevys in them. Damn shame. I love ford, and I love chevy.. I enjoy being on both sides of the spectrum and never want them mixed.
  2. Thank you! :nice: And for Mike, I know what your saying, thats why I'm looking at other alternatives too. I've said this a lot already but, it's not for sure.
  3. Have you thought about running a big block crate engine, I think with the amount you would spend on a LS1 swap after it is all said and done. You could probably drop a 514 in the car and run 9's all day all engine, hook up some spray to that, and then my friend you would be untouchable.
  4. A 514 would probably be just as much if not more trouble than a LS1. You would also be adding a lot of weight to the front of the car.

    I say all aluminum 400+ci carbed LS1 with a 200 shot.
  5. Why is it when people see a couple of engines make power and get some great times, they think everyone can do the same. I know of 8 engines that failed at 600rwhp. Far short of 9's, eh?

    How may people are running 9's with the stock bottom end, a couple???

    Heck I have seen a couple of stock bottom end 2V's hold together for years at 485rwhp or so, and many will grenade at 25% less than that, so your point being?

    Oh, two or three can do it, so everyone can do it???
  6. There is absolutley no reason to call anyone weird because they don't want a power adder. Some people are happy running low 11's, high 10's without the help of a power adder. That was my point. How many people on this board can say the same with a power adder.
  7. If you are going for a 9 second car and you dont want a power adder you are pretty stupid because it aint gonna happen, without laying down some serious money, costing way over what it would have to get you there with a power adder. You act like me saying weird was calling them a dumb **** **** or something u act like its the worst thing u have ever heard in your life. How many people on this board can say they are happy running low 11's high 10's with a power adder ummmm probably most people on here. alot of people with power adders on here run 12's and some are happy with that.
  8. If i'm not mistaken, I just saw a black vette at atco last friday run a 11, and it was all motor. There was also a blue one there that ran low 10, which I beleive was also all motor.

    Anyone that says low 10s, even single digit times are not possible without a power adder don't go to the track often enough, and if they do, they are either not going to the right track, or just not going on the right night.

    The facts are plain and simple: LS1 engines are the best engines to modify. Anyone wants to argue, be my guest.
  9. Haha I will gladly argue that LS1 engines are not the best engines to modify. Show me a low 8 second LS1 with one power adder full interior and A/C. 8.3L V10 viper engines are quickly becoming the best engines to modify. I never said single digit times are impossible N/A I said u would have to spend gobs of money to do it and u could have easily had a blown car that will be way faster for the same price. Heffners performance is making some amazing vipers now and they are still working out all the fine details. Also show me a full interior LS1 that runs 9's on all motor. I can show you a viper that does it.
  10. We're talking 8 cyl cars, but since you asked for it; Go to a place where you can buy a car magazine and pick up the may 2005 issue of hot rod magazine and you can read a very small article on a 7 SECOND pro-charged 2002 trans am.
    I've also seen a 10 second trans am with a d'agostino racing engine...all motor. Can't really prove that one to ya, but whatever. I know what I know and I know i've seen better times out of ls1 engine than 2 and 4v 281s
  11. Please stick with a Ford motor in your car... It is your choice, but I would go the 5.4 + KB route. That would be sweet!!!
  12. You said the best engine to modify you didn't say the best 8 cylidner car. Yea it maybe 7 second does it have a full interior and AC though? Not sure on the boost I'm sure he could just turn it up and run 7's and still have full interior and AC. Rip out the interior and AC and all the other stuff he doenst have to have and I'm sure he could spank the 7 second trans-am. I can show u the clip of the all motor 9 second viper, if u want to hit me up on AIM or something. 4v 281 CI's most 03/04 cobras I see spank LS1's. How about Induction Motorsports 95 Turbo cobra? Runs 8.24 dont see many LS1's running with that. Again I stand by my statement that the 8.3L v10 dodge viper engine is the best engine to modify and is still getting better.
  13. no
  14. First of all I can garuntee you that you see more 281s and LS1s on the street than you do viper v-10 motors.
    Whats the deal with it being full interior or not? Or wether it has a/c? What does that have to do with ANYTHING at all? A/C is an option, you don't have to have a/c and every car on the road does not have a/c. Even if it does have a/c you think thats gonna take 1 second off the 1/4 time?
    You talk about full interior whats the big damn deal? 100 lbs= 1/10th. You figure 1 seat probably weights about 30 lbs depending on if its manual or electric, carpet probably weights 10 lbs or less, the back seats which is just foam and leather. If you gut the interior and take out the a/c your talking maybe 2/10ths. You are starting to get petty here, lets stick to the engines, please. I'm not doubting the ability of a 281, but numbers are numbers, and the fact of the matter is 350 (technically 346) CI is alot more than 281, thus being the reason why the ls1 is the better motor. So this all goes back to my orginial statement: There is no replacement for displacement. :nono:
  15. whats with all the 9 second N/A? I said I wanted the most out of a motor N/A and then throw N2O on it. the most I'll get out of a 2v N/A is around 350. then I'd up my nitrous to 200+ and I'll be short of some N/A motors, thats why i'm looking into different options
  16. You pretty much just contradicted yourself. You said LS1's are the best motors to modify meaning that a 5.7 350 CI is a better motor to modify than an 8.3 not even sure how many cubes the viper engine is alot more than 350 though. Then you say no replacement for displacement. So according to no replacement for displacement the viper should eat the LS1 with no problem. If u want to just compare the engines then you cant bring time slips into the equation because that has to do with more than just the engine. You would want to compare dyno #'s then. Really trying to compare dyno #'s is hard also since every dyno is different.
  17. I'm leaning to the built 03/04 cobra engine with a KB, and nitrous right now, untill I see some other options. Although a nice lightning 5.4 built, with a KB and nitrous would be TITS too!
  18. I give the 03/04 cobra engine with KB and nitrous :nice: :nice: way up. There is a guy over on svtperformance named SVTdubs with a setup like that, coud ask him for some more info on it if needed. Cant beat the boost power of the 4v with nitrous assistance.
  19. In theory the 5.4 KB should produce way more power though, but it would take more to get that in. How big of a hood do you think would be needed? I have a 3inch cowl now.
  20. If you do get a 5.4 make sure you get a 4v and not a 2v. I havent heard much about boost on a 5.4. Only thing I have really seen is somebody has a Cobra R and put a turbo on there and I heard it made insane power but I didnt really read much into it or remeber where I read it. As far as the hood IDK dont know how much the intake sticks up.
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