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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Wont the 2006 Shelby have the 5.4 supercharged?

    On a side note, the Ford GT already has one and we've seen the results.
  2. Yes the 06 Shelby will have the 5.4 supercharged not sure what kind of supercharger it is or how much boost it is at though.
  3. Well, I'm sure it will be a conservative 6-8 psi and they've already made claims of 450+rwhp. We've all seen what the 4.6 can do with a little bump in pressure, the 5.4 will be rediculous.
  4. That Shelby engine will sure be freaking sweet...speaking of day dreaming about sweet engines, I heard a guy at the local muscle car hangout fire up a Chevy 572 in his 55 Chevy and ...uhm...I knew right then and there that 9 Liters sounds like God was pounding at the ground looking for asses to kick. My buddy has a Cobra replica that he bought a few months ago and that 460 sounds pretty damn sweet as well...okay I'm gonna shut up now with my engine sounds since this has nothing to do with this thread. :D

  5. i understand why you thought about it.. but i think if you just kept it simple the right choices for you are in the modular family. you could build a very sick car and still be a 4.6l and i don't care what anybody says 03-04 cobra motor > ls-1 ANYDAY

    and i really like 4th gen F-bodys. the LS-1 is a great motor but the 03-04 cobra motor is better in every way.. it's a lot stonger and the only drivetrain that i can think of that responds better too simple mods is a turbo buick.
  6. has anyone ever seen a 800-900 HP 03/04 motor?
  7. I was just on svtperformance and read a thread about a guy doing a twin turbo set-up on his cobra and someone said something about a twin 76mm producing 980hp on a engine dyno. Guys I think I might have found my set-up!!
  8. another thing, all those guys are talking about custom cooling mods etc. and this and that;its going to be more work than I think. Also many cobras took a sh** at around 600hp. So I'm thinking a nice VT Longblock 302? with twin turbos or a 2.4 KB with nitrous. regardless of the means of forced induction I will spray to lower the air temp. I'm still going to wait untill fall but I'll let you guys know when I start and my progress and I'm sure I'll have 5 million ?'s too. But hey, lets put an end to this 6 page F***ing thread!
    NO LS1!! :nice:
  9. I didn't read this whole thread but I will say this: Swapping a GM into a Ford or visa-versa will make your car unsaleable. No Ford guy would buy it and no GM person would want it either. You have basically bastardized your car and you will be stuck with it.
  10. If you read at least some of it, or 1 post up you'll know that it is not going to happen and I'll never get rid of my car. :D
  11. well anytime you get up over 500 hp the car is not going too be daily driver reliable. no matter who built the engine. if you want too go fast you have too deal with parts breakage.

    there you go much smarter. good luck with your build
  12. The matter is settled...all is well with the stangnet world once more. Good luck with your build...I can't wait until the day that my stang is no longer my daily driver and I have the cash to make it into a ferrari killing many german and italian exotics here in Southern Cali. :rolleyes:
  13. If you want the insane Power of an LS1, then buy buy a Trans Am, Corvette or Camaro.
  14. just get either a lightning 5.4L, i belive they also msrp for around 6k(like the ls1 you speak of), or get a 351, stroke it to 408, some AFR205/225s, spider manifold intake(like the one chp sells) with the elbow, with 10:1 compression you're doing some 450rwhp EASYLY, then have at your nitrous and you're where you want to be, while keeping it an all Ford vehicle, if you want a gm powerplant get an fbody, but i know you want to keep your mustang, so build that motor I told you. simple as that, the end.
  15. Listen to jmk97GT! I saw a guy @ torquefreaks in Portland put down 680 rwhp with a kenne bell 2.9L. You could build a DOHC 4.6 with a Kenne Bell for half the $ and time of installing a bow tie.
  16. bump.

    this will be my next swap. i'm working on the sbc swap first.
  17. LOL here we go again. LOL it was a bad idea then and a bad idea now.
  18. Actulay no it isnt a bad Idea.. it has been done and works beutifully :D

    there is a local guy running an LS1 in a 96 stang. made an 8 second pass at houston raceway not long ago. and his car is always popping up here on stangnet lol. As a matter of fact it is in that compilation that someone made on here recently for the NPI cars. He is the black car doing the insane wheelstand. broke alot of crap on that run lol.

    The LS1 is a monster /thread
  19. yeah for a all out race car with all the stock electronics rewired or gutted. try and get the stock modules to communicate with that gm PCM.
  20. a 351w with tfs heads cams etc will ruin that LS. who cares about chevy's. i am quite sure the 67 in my car club with a 'mild' 427 can do just as well with suspension work and more cam. he is essentially running a nascar setup on the street. his 'mild' 550hp can go way out there, but who cares. you guys act like Ls has more power than equal fords. hell that same 67 makes more power than the Z06 505hp. it drives nice idles a little lumpy, and his son loves it. it isn't a show car, its a daily driver. LS isn't crap.i get tired of hearing about loser chevy's and the losers that like them.

    you LS guys come to clarksville and get you some pushrod wonders. 7 litres of ford fun i tell you.

    he kills terminators for fun.

    i just realized a troll started this back offense to any chevy lovers. but you guys know how this gets me started.
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