LS1 in a mustang

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Tony01GT, May 12, 2005.

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  1. of course a 427 is gonna kill an LS1.. prolly not the LS6, but ya like said before, it is all about displacement. I love my 4.6L and will not be trading it.. but to think it could hang with a comparabley equipped LS1 is just living in a dream world. notice I said comparable.. if your gonna say a SC'ed 4.6L can run with them well yeah I guess it can.. but put a SC'er or nitrous on the LS1 and your sucking dust again. Nothing against a ford engine, they are powerful in there own right.. but even a 5.4L has a tough time N/A with a N/A LS1.. its all in the displacement.

  2. who says it has to be N/A to N/A the terminator is well built from the factory and in it's stock bottom end form can handle a lot more power than a LS. trust me those LS-1's are grenades. everybody i know with one has blown up atleast once.

    the thing the LS has going for it is great stock heads. as billfisher said put a 351 with great heads up against it and then you got a fight.

    The LS-1 is a great motor, but it's not the greatest thing ever built. I would take a terminator over it any day.
  3. A friend of mine with a pretty sick trick flow setup on a h/c Fox body have pointed out to me that his after market heads flow less then my stock heads. Even though the displacement is part of that are not at their peak either. As my LS1 is heading to the dyno the custom cam in the similar mileage and the exact same (bought at the same shop) boltons/rearend/3500stall (A4) has made 370rwhp/435rwtq unlocked on a dyno and that is with stock heads and a custom daily driver cam. You cann't tell the idle from stock.

    check out the vid of Jay's Trans AM.

    My car will probably do the same if not better then that is what I hope. My buddy has taken me too many times at the strip. Once I get the bugs out from last year, the new setup should provide a little more respect.
  4. tfs twisted wedge r flow more than chevy.

    Intake Port Volume= 240cc

    Combustion Chamber Volume= 68cc

    Valve Size 2.150 int. 1.625 exh.

    Max. Flow int. 362 cfm @ .750

    Max. Flow Exh. 273 cfm @ .750

    so i really don't want to hear about WEAK chevy heads. they suck. you know what.

    these are oem ford heads
    Our C3 castings flow up to 390 cfm on the intake and 275 cfm on the exhaust. Our C3H castings flow up to 400 cfm on the intake and 275 cfm on the exhaust. Our SC1 castings flow up to 420 cfm on the intake and 290 cfm on the exhaust. All SC1 and C3H castings are machined for Jesel or T & D 1 piece stand rocker arms, and have a spread guide location which will accept 2.20 X 1.60 valves.

    thats right 420cfm and 275 cfm. there are no chevy equivilent LS heads.
  5. Now I understand why you are called confusion. :bang:
  6. Don't feed the trolls. The ban stick is coming out tonight for this site-wide display of ignorance.
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