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  1. Is there anybody that sells a kit with all the parts you need to swap a LS1 into a SN95? Or are all the people that are doing it making everything completely custom? I'm very interested in doing this swap so I'm looking for a site or someplace that sells a kit to give me a better idea to how much $$$$$ I'm looking at.
  2. Try searching, its been discussed
  3. :flame: Get ready for it...
  4. go for it :nice:

    and least you will have a great motor in the stang thats still all american muscle.
  5. Seems kinda silly. Yes, the LS1 is a seriously kick-ass motor but ... why?

    Why not put a Ford V10 in instead? Or a built 32V mod motor? For the dollars that will be burned to make such a half-breed, a 2V 4.6 turbo could probably be created and make more power than you can realistically use on the street.

    If I was going to cross-pollinate like this I'd look at putting that LS1 into a Miata:
  6. This mustang has an LS1 in it:

  7. Why oh why Jesus?
  8. why? i dont know but what i do know is the LSx series engines are better than any V8 ford ever produced. ford went tech and chevy improved on their decent design making a more efficient engine. in terms of power to weight it's just very very hard to beat. i ALMOST put one in my 240 but wanted to experiment with turbo technology.

    it weighs as much as a 4cylinder engine and puts out more than your 4.6's stock. now, swapping a 4.6 for an ls1? that seems like a lot of work when there are a crapton of blowers for the car. maybe an LS7 would be justifyable. 500NAHP with better power to weight hard to beat.
  9. That's why
  10. You just made Jesus Christ, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny cry with another "LS1 swap" thread:nonono:
  11. [​IMG]

    This Mustang doesn't have an LS1.
  12. It doesn't have a 4.6 either.

    Is there another forum anyone knows of where people might know more about this?
  13. No, but it was a 4.6, and it's still a Ford. Probably easier to stay Ford than mix it up. The answer to your question is no, there is no kit. Unless you have tons of money and time to blow, it's not worth it for a street car. You'll still need to mod your stock LS1 to beat the run of the mill blown GT you could have had for much less. Unless you are looking for an LS1 because you blew your 4.6 or something... has a hybrid section for exactly this kind of discussion.

    What does Halfrican mean anyway? If it means what I think it means, this swap could be kinda funny in your case. Not real funny, but worth a chuckle.
  14. See I know with some mods such as a 5.0 and RWD conversion on a focus, or a 5.0 in a Miata there are kits which are fairly priced that give you all the necessary components you need to make things fit. If there is no kit for this swap than it would end up costing me way to much, not to mention I don't havea garage so I have to pay people to do work for me. I was willing to spend close to $10k on parts and labor combined, but that's not gonna happen without a kit. Custom machined parts are retardedly expensive.

    Thanks Geoff that's the simple answer I was looking for, sorry if this has been posted a million times I did a search for LS1 Swap and didn't find anything, so I posted.

    As soon as I pay the last $3800 I owe in this car(which should be soon) I'm going to order a Kenne Bell 9psi supercharger and all supporting mods.

    Halfrican simply means that I am half black(african-american) and half white(german & irish)

    It's a nickname my friends call me
  15. hey this mustang has a ford motor...imagine that....


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  16. i love all the wheelie pics in this thread lol
  17. An aluminum block R 302 (bored to 360) is a much better option! Aluminum block, wit the same OHV design as the LSx....and it would be a ford that would boltup to your tranny.

    Chevy isnt inventing anything new really...they are just fine tuning their head/cam package...and now just adding CID.

    lets look at something here, before you start bashing Fords design. lets just look at the lowly 2V whos heads only flow 160 CFM vs the LS1 whos heads flow closer to 260CFM. (note general rule is 1 CID added= 1HP)

    281 CID 230RWHP

    346CID 310RWHP
    65 CID 80RWHP difference

    Thats not much of an advantage just in effeciency.

    Now lets look at the 01 cobra (so no LS1 guys cry about no 03 camaro..although the 04GTOs got the LS1)

    281 270RWHP

    346 310RWHP

    65CI 40RWHP difference. And the 01 cobra heads only flow around 230CFM.

    Fords DOHC Design isnt crappy...nor is the SOHC design. Our limit is the CID, not engine design.

    And just for fun, lets compare the 04 Mach 1 engine to the 06 GTO LS2 engine.

    281 280RWHP

    366 350RWHP
    85CI 70HP

    And the LS7 with its fully ported heads that flow WELL over 300CFM, just for grins.

    281 280RWHP

    427 445RWHP
    146CI 165HP

    Now yes this is bench racing at its finest, and isnt deadly accurate at all, so dont take this as TEH TRUF!.... this just shows a general guidline to engine effeciency. And yes im sure the honda VTAK motors would kill us dont pull that one either because they are 4 bangers and they can rev higher, ect. Totally different engine.
    In conclusion, GMs technology really isnt that great...they are just doing what racers have done with the small block chevy for years, and made it more modern. Atleast ford stepped out and did something different...and made a more effecient overall design. Now they just need to add some cubes and factory port the heads and bye bye LS7 LOL like that will ever happen.
  18. This one has a Vtec!:rolleyes: :rlaugh:

  19. Car looks like it is ready to vomit! GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!!! damn now it is bi-sexual.
  20. This picture literally is the epitome of "holy ****". Everything about that car and the amount of power it has to just throw it back on the rear wheels and twist the **** out of the chassis like that, it's completely badass and frightening at the same time. Yes, a mustang doing a wheelie is very, very cool, but what that one is doing is just insane.
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