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  1. side note.. putting an LS1 motor in your stang will not make your car do this..... unless you put as much money into it as if you stuck with your 2V and built it up.. keep a ford a ford and keep a chevy a chevy...
  2. +1 a-fkn-men!

    If you want an LS1 so bad, sell the stang and get a Camaro. You'd save yourself some money and headaches as well.
  3. I think the philosophy at Ford has been to build more effecient motors for cars that have more gentle manners and can be a DD. The Chevy/Pontiac guys just went with faster is better and their philosophy was speed will sell. Well which car was discontinued for several years and which one is still kicking and has been a hot seller with the redesign? Even the GTO didn't last long.
  4. if you want a camaro go buy one,and really if your goin to be paying someone to do all this work i dont understand how the price of things would even make you want to consider doing this,how bout dump 10gs into your existing 4.6,where is the logic in putting an ls1 into a mustang.the only way i can see it being reasonable is if you 1 had a great deal on all the pieces,for example a cheap as hell roller as well as the motor and supposrting parts,2 your a fabricator or engine builder and have all the accesability to make it happen at a reasonable cost or no cost or 3 you were being sponsored to do it.
  5. I say that if you want an LS1 in your Stang, go for it. I've owned an LT1, an LS1 and am currently seeking out a Stang. I figure you only go around once in life and there is nothing wrong with trying to be different. A lot of LS1 guys gave me a hard time for wanting a Stang but to me its only a car.
  6. I was thinking about putting my 4.6 engine into a firebird (sunfire?) (firefox? firehawk? firetruck!)....

    Then I woke up in a pool of sweat trying to catch my breath. :nono:
  7. swap in a 351 windsor.. stroked and blown windsor will whipe a camaros ass clean anyday
  8. He's already got that with his current configuration.
  9. that car has a sick idle. it says in the description its a 354 ci wher you get 302 from
    HI HAVE A 2V STROKER MOTOR WHIT TWEEN TURBO.....................
  11. wat the hell dude
  12. TT Saleen #396 Video


    Here are the engine specs:
    4.6 Modular 2V - stroked to 302
    Stage II ported Heads
    Stage II Blower cams
    Full exhaust w/cut outs through stock THP Turbo Kit
    Basic 57 MM THP Turbo Kit
    Reichard Racing Intake
  13. i aint scarrrrrd. oh the guy with the TT saleen has blower cams and electric cut outs thats why it sounds good and if my buddies are right from albuquerque he only runs 11s in it. FYI
  14. When I was buying a car I was blown away with the power and capabilities of the LS1 in several Camaro's and Trans Ams, but the cars were really ****ty. Flimsy plastic interiors, no trunk, hard to get in and out of, uncomfortable car in general. Also under the hood half the damn engine is underneath the windshield so It would be impossible for me to do anything on it myself when I move into a house. It also handled terrible and I felt like I was driving around a giant door wedge in terms of style.

    The Mustang on the other hand didn't feel fast at all, but it was put together very well, handled well, and was very comfortable. And it had a trunk!

    I bought the Mustang since the car is going to be my daily driver. After finding out that the T-56 Transmission is a direct replacement for mine, and the same tranny found in the Camaro's I realized there might be some kind of compatability with the power trains.

    So I got this idea, why not combine what I liked about both cars? But yeah you guys are right, I didn't expect it to cost more than $10k and I was hoping there was some kind of kit to do this, but I guess it's not a common enough thing to do.

    And yes I can make my Mustang way faster than a LS1, but doing those same mods to an LS1 would net even crazier results. Plus it would just be hilarious, I'd replace my GT emblems with Z28 ones but maintain the Ford logos.

    Oh well, vortech it is.
  15. that would be crazy if i seen a mustang gt with SS emblems or something and then heard it rev lol
  16. they have kits to put ls1's into rx7's..... i saw a ls1 swapped rx7 the other day at a meet driving by... it was amazing to see the *** car drive by with such an amazing exhaust note.... it was heard from 10 blocks away lol... everyone just stopped talking and watched the car....
  17. show me the proof.

    otherwise im pretty sure ive seen that same pic but specs showing its a T77 single turbo modular 5.0 stroker with a fully build 4r70 behind it. those were the first things that came to mind when i saw that pic, even before i read you said it was LS1.

    the LS1 is a great motor but its not the holy grail. i could think of countless other motors id slam into a car before doing a LS1. id just open a summit catalog. if im gonna swap a motor im gonna keep **** simple and go carb'd with a huge ****ing blower up top. no need to deal with all this fuel injected computer controlled cluster**** that way.
  18. That car was built by a local guy...this is what it looks like now. I can't remember the specifics but I know the guy who helped him build it. I'll get with him and get the progression.


    Had a Chevy big block in the original pic. Now, if I am not mistaken he has a turbo in it.
  19. This whole GM vs Ford issue is rediculous. Put whatever motor you want in the car. I have owned 2 f-bodies in my life and currently want a Mustang. Both have their strong points and weaker points. I know a lot of GM guys who wouldn't hesitate to put a Ford rearend in their Camaro or Firebird. Bottom line... iots a stupid piece of metal and plastic and its your money going into it. Do what you want!
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