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  1. Halfrican is just a troll, its becoming pretty f'n obvious... Look at this threads and posts, here is only here to cause controversy.

  2. ok, i have been gone a while and...

    somehow the venerable LS-1 has once again become something it isn't. i say venerable and i mean it. it's old and out of date. be careful which LS-1 version you mention as some kind of killer. i know for myself that 97-00 ls-1's are killed at tracks everywhere by any quick car. i leave 01-02 out of this, as they are really LS-6's.

    take courage weaker ford boys, (those who fall into the"LS-1 trap")

    the 6.2l boss is here soon. so you can look back at the foolish younger years where wisdom was hard to come by, when you thought the only answer was 'brand x ', and relish real HP. Ford HP. modern OHC 6.2 liters of chevy killer ford Hp.
  3. Actually Bill, the LS6 was only used in the early ZO6 (and later the Cadillac CTS V-Series). It was never between the fenders of the base Camaro, Trans AM or Corvette. They were always the LS1 based engine. The LS1 did however receive the LS6 intake manifold starting in 2001 to up the grunt a little, but swapped out to smaller camshafts in order to even power levels out.
  4. This is correct. Even though the LS1 and LS6 have interchangeable parts, the 01/02 f-bodies and standard vettes only shared a common intake with the actual LS6. Either way, is it coming down to money or loyalty? I have no loyalty to Ford or GM. I just buy what I want. Neither company has done anything for me so why should I be loyal? Kind of like rooting for the Chicago Cubs. Why do it? They charge way too much for tickets, food, merchandise... and for what? So I can root for a bunch of guys that could care less about me? Same with Ford and GM. They just want our money. Now carry on.
  5. :lol: :rlaugh:

    Really though, just buy a damn camaro, trader!
  6. Yep, I was thinking the same thing as soon as he mentioned putting Z28 badges on his GT. I've also read his mods list in the profile and it's a fkn joke!

    Bottom line, even if he wasn't trolling he's probably just another high school kid dreaming of wasting college funds on a dream project that he'll never finish nor can afford.
  7. From the horses to speak...

    and Daniel (Spark Plug)

    In that pic is something in that stock suspension breaking...:eek:
  8. :bs: :bs: :bs:
    you're thinking of the LT1 from the 93-97 camaros. The LT1 is slow, vulnerable and on par with the Ford 2V.

    LS1s have been known to run high 12s stock.

    :bs: the 6.2L Hurricane was scrapped by Ford long ago. You'll never see it.
  9. For the record I am a troll, but I do have a Mustang GT I plan to build up, I just owe $3800 more on it first. I did fully intend to do a LS1 swap if this was a kit project because it would be within my budget, but you're right since there isn't i can't afford it. The reason I would add Z28 badges to my Mustang is because a Ford Mustang Z28 would be funny to me.
    My previous rides were a 404rwhp LT1 Camaro that I broke a rod in at the same time I lost my job which caused me to get my car repo'd. And my last car was a SVT Focus with only suspension work which I ended up trading in for this Mustang because I decided no matter how awesome my Focus gets, it's still a Focus. I am a tuner with a sense of humor.
    I have already admitted in this thread I realized the LS1 swap was out of my budget and I am going with a kenne bell instead. Lay off me!

    BTW My mod list is in fact a joke as someone else stated.
  10. Putting Z28 badges on a Mustang isn't funny, it's wrong :nonono:

    :ban: :ban: :ban:
  11. I've been sticking up for this guy only to find out he's a self admitted troll. I take back everything nice I said about you. You need to go play somewhere else my friend.
  12. Trolling is not funny and is also against board policy.
  13. I see no reason to keep this open
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