LX Repair Log - Lots of pics DUW

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  1. The LX came back from paint on Friday. I just thought I'd share some before and after pics.





    Straightened & prepped:











    I did all the body work myself and let the shop do unibody alignment and paint, and I'm really happy with how it turned out

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  2. wow that turned out nice :nice:

    im jelous
  3. beautiful!
  4. Makes me want to paint my car now. Very nice. :nice:
  5. That looks awesome, I especially like the clears :nice:
  6. Congrats man, looks good as new. :nice:
  7. that is SHARP!!!!!!
  8. It sure looks shiney...

    Did it take long for the prep? And how much trim did you remove prior to painting?
  9. Yeah the damage on yours is definately similar, but it looks to be quite a bit worse...as you can see it's bent down too. Mine was just cocked to the right a couple inches. Anything is fixable, but if you're not going to tear it completely down and do it right, I wouldn't bother.

    Prep didn't take too long. The fenders were off of a 93 cobra, so I had to butcher them up a little to fit the LX molding on. Other than that and a couple dings, everything went pretty smoothly. The bumper took the longest because it had rock chips and termite holes all over it. I got it to look new though. As for the trim, the bumper was removed to paint separately and the piece right below the 5.0 symbol was painted separately as well.
  10. Cool, thanks!
  11. Awesome Job!

    Looks Great.:nice:

    I don't think anyone could have asked for better.
  12. man i am downright jealous. beautiful fox. shame you're not close to charleston sc.
  13. looking great man :nice:
  14. Holy shat! That thing is gleaming. Looks great!
  15. i dont think it could have turned out better either. Nice work! it paid off...
  16. This shows you what a car can look like with good bodywork and prep. Im sure the painter also took some time and didnt rush the job.

    What color white is the paint?
  17. wow...back from the dead lol
  18. WOW! That car looks great! Like it is brand new. Great job!