LX Repair Log - Lots of pics DUW

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  1. noobs bringin back old posts...
  2. Don't I feel like a retard....I only saw this thread because two others posted to it.....OOPS!:nonono:
  3. Haha don't worry about it.

    It's just the stock '93 vibrant white btw.
  4. Car looks good. I just smacked up my front end this past weekend. How much did you pay for your repairs? Also, did you do the teardown yourself of have someone do it for you? I'm on the fence right now about what to do with mine in terms of repair.
  5. You should be very happy, you did an awesome job!
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  8. I might as well join the fun and continue whoring an old thread and ask a quick question.... Where did you get your headlights from? Also, btw your car looks great! :nice:
  9. Hahaha you guys are funny.

    Basically I did everything I could. I tore it down completely, had it straightened, I put it all back together, then had it painted. As far as I can remember, the frame work cost 800 and the paint work cost 800, so I probably spent around 2000 total. I bought all replacement panels locally and headlights off 50resto.com.
  10. So I assume you have experience with this stuff. Not bad. I'm now tinkering with the idea of doing something similar with my car. Damage isn't too bad, but it needs work. I'm waiting to hear from a guy I know who works on Stangs to see if he'd be interested in assisting me with a teardown. How bad was the damage on your car? I haven't seen those pics.
  11. You aren't going to need much prior experience; the teardown is fairly straightforward. As you can see from the pictures, the damage was unidirectional - just a couple inches to the right.
  12. Here, more pics. I stole mob's border idea.




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  13. whoring up your own thread you whored to begin with 5 months prior thats been brought back from the dead..... nice...

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  14. Goodness. :hail2: I cannot get over how clean that car looks...especially with the clear corners. Beautiful.
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    That car looks B E A UTIFUL :nice:
  16. Hahahhahaha well you guys were the ones who brought it back!
  17. freshly painted and clean white cars are the best... sorry i'm kinda biased however...