Lx Tail Light Swap On A Gt

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  1. Hey guys, I've been thinking this over for a couple of weeks now. (I know, a long time to think about something so trivial). I really favor the look of the LX tail lights over the factory ones on my GT, referred to as "cheese grater" I think.

    I just wanted to see what others opinions might be before I do it. I don't mind mods, especially when I think it looks and/or performs better. However, I also respect the purist side of things about originality.

    Just wanted to hear some thoughts.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond to something as simple as this. :)
  2. It's personal preference. Unfortunately most persons prefer to use the LX tail lights, so the demand is high and getting a good set is expensive. The first thing we used to do back in the day upon buying a GT Fox was to immediately find a set of LX tail lights. I think the LX lights look way better than the Cheese graters.

  3. Leave the GT's on!!!
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  4. Up to you really. These cars are usually modified, so finding a true purist is hard as not too many 100% stock cars left these days.

    LX tails are popular, but so are the 83-86 taillights, with pinstripes added to look like 93 Cobra tails
  5. Thanks for the responses so far everyone! I respect the opinions and will give it a little more time before I decide.
  6. I like the cheese graters just purely for the reason that EVERYONE has LX lights. I might even be willing to trade my LX tail lights for a god set of GT ones for the race car once I decide what color I am going to paint the car.
  7. Leave the GT tails on. I'm a fan of the LX tail light swap on a track car, but if its a daily driver/weekend cruiser type car then I wouldn't do it.
  8. Everyone has their opinion. Its your car, so you decide!

    (LX tails here)
  9. First lets see an as$ shot of the car
  10. LX tails FTW. But, I also like the GT wing on an LX, so maybe I'm just weird.
  11. Gotta go with LX here.
  12. I think it depends on the color somewhat. Dark colors on the cheese graters look good, but I don't really care for them on lighter colors like white or silver.

    My GT

    I do like Cobra tails though...


    LX Tails are okay if they are nice and shiny. I guess I just see to many faded ratty ones. Edit: There was a nice example but can't link them from AFM
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  13. LX tails on my white GT

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  14. Again, thanks for all the responses. Here's a pic of the rear of my car:

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  15. keep it as is!
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  16. I happen to like the stock GT lenses. The only thing id change them for would be some 83-86 with the amber turn signal. Maybe paint the part thats usually flat black to a gloss black to match the car, but if that were my car I wouldnt change a damn thing.
  17. Mine came with the clear LX's. If i could find GT lights that matched my car i would get them. Bought the LX lenses for 80 and bought the housings for 30 at a pick n pull repainted them all that.

  18. I swapped to LX lights on my old hatch, liked it a lot better personally :shrug: just change the bulbs so your turn signals aren't white. Cops don't like that
  19. Oh God, 2 tones!!! What was Ford thinking? There is no point in even thinking about the tail lights until the 2 tone abomination is corrected.

  20. I finally ordered some 93 Cobra Lenses for my car, been wanting to change from the stock cheesegraters for a long time.