Lx Tail Light Swap On A Gt

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  1. Don't go hatin on 2 tones now
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  2. What are you trying to say exactly?? :jester:

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  3. Alright, didn't want to leave this hangin'. After doing a lot of looking and thinking, including considering everyone's input, I'm sticking with the current tail lights. I'll put that couple of hundred dollars towards something else. ;)

    Again, thanks to all that took the time to respond. I value everyone's suggestions and opinions.
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  4. It looks great both ways!
  5. That looks fantastic. The wheels really set it off!
  6. I have an lx but I had my brother tint them for me using black paint and clearcoat. esu3u9u8.jpg
  8. Mine are hazy, think I'm gonna buy new ones instead of stage sanding them.
    But as far as others go, I've never liked the yellow color on the tail lenses of cobra etc, and the cheese graters look great on dark colors :nice:
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  9. don't see what the big deal is. they are a simple bolt on so if you want to change them then do it and save the originals. not like ya have to cut the car or anything.
  10. Good lord thats beautiful