M-2320-f Bullitt Calipers And M-2320-af 10th Anniv Cobra Calipers

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  1. Hope every one is doing great.
    I have one set each of the calipers mentioned. They are still in the original boxes from Ford Racing. Originally, these were purchased for fox body projects that have been completed.

    In total I have four items that I'm trying to find a market for.
    Is there a market? Can someone point me to it?
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  2. If they're the actual red powdercoated Bullitt-specific calipers, you should be able to sell them easily here or any other forum/eBay, as they've been discontinued for awhile now.
  3. Ebay.

    Those should sell fast and easily
  4. Still have the M-2320-M and the M-2320-R?