M&R Engines on Ebaymotors

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by armand67Fstback, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Finally was able to get out there today.
    The twenty foot container that was there last time is GONE. So is the motorhome, if I had only remembered to get the tag numbers. The DMV would probably have been the best way to track him down.
    There is also a lock on the gate from the Gas Co, that due to being unable to get on the property to read the meter. They padlocked the gate, and for them to contact the Gas Co to open it back up and take care of their bill.
    Hopefully some one has more info on the owner for you, rwcstang.
  2. thanks ill keep you guys updated with anything.
  3. Hey Everyone long time no see..well what can i say this guys is gone.. BUT i have his home address as well as numbers to his "related" siblings so far i have not received anything but rest assured I'm going through other resources into finding him.

    either way my car is in the body shop getting re-painted also have my frpp boss 302 crate motor waiting to be installed. :)

    just wanted to come in and update and hopefully other members who have posted on here can update as well.

    most likely mustangkid or what ever was matt cuz i haven't seen any recents post from him since this post was started, all i know is sir that if we ever meet which i know we will one day believe me there will be hell to pay and karma is a ****. sorry but i had to vent that, but i had to say it.

    anyways everyone hope all is well.