M112 And Adapter For 5.0

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 5150FOX, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys I'm selling my m112 supercharger kit for a 5.0. The kit was purchased from JoeyStang on Corral and made to fit stock lower,but that could be easily changed to fit your lower. This kit is Complete to the belt, all you need to do is bolt it up and connect your vacuum lines. It is currently on my car and working with 5lbs of boost. Ive decided to go a different route so 1500obo. Pm for pics.
  2. You're gonna want to post pics if you expect to sell something like that. Photobucket accounts are free.
  3. Post or pm me some pics I may be interested in this....
  5. I hate to think how big of a cowl you'd need to clear that pulley. :jaw:
  6. Back up for sale 1400 o.b.o also have the original short shaft.
  7. lets move this thing... $1200 shipped.
  8. Lets see what it looks like with the hood closed. It's a neat idea, but I doubt many here are willing to swap their stock hood for a 5" cowl just to clear a blower.
  9. I never got into doing the hood but here a couple pics of the same kit, that I found on corral.net...
    I was planning on doing the same as the black one,mad max style.


  10. U like ur silicone huh? U can buy this kit brand new from jdb modifications for $1200........what will I take for it?
  11. 800+shipping, sick of looking at it and could use the money to fix my D.D. :)
  12. Still have it for sale? Why didn't you use the right gaskets instead of red :poo: ?
Thread Status:
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