Fox M3's, M3's Everywhere (track Day Vid)

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  1. Here are some highlights of last weekend's track day at Arizona Motorsports Park. Both kinds of tires I like to drive were on national backorder so I settled for Kumho XS, which were fun and durable but they sure like to talk at the limit, and they were a solid 2 seconds slower per lap than the Hankook RS3's I prefer, or NT01's that are even better.

    It starts with a dust storm caused by a spinning Cayman and ends with an M3 spinning and coming across the track on two of us.

    In between is a black E36 M3 with stock engine and suspension but stripped interior and sticky R-compound tires. We harrassed each other for quite some time, that was entertaining.

    That's followed by a silver E90 M3 whose driver I've been coaching a little bit. Then some randoms.

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  3. Very cool vid! Random question, what shifter do you have?
  4. It's a Steeda shifter with their Comfort Pro handle, which places the ball further left, further back, and higher up than any other one I've ever seen, so it's super easy to reach. Unfortunately they discontinued it because too few people recognized the value of not having to bend out of the seat to hit 3rd or 5th.
  5. good driving man how can a fellow AZ guy get involved with something like that?
  6. sweet man thanks for the info.
  7. I just wanted to post to let you know at least one lurker really enjoys your videos. :)