MA people

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  1. I'm in Attleboro, MA
  2. i have seen this same guy in a gray hatch, very hefty looking person driving around the arsenal mall area.. that any of you? nice sounding exhaust
  3. Attleboro/Cumberland here.

    *91 LX Hatch (Calypso Green)

  4. im from marshfield... about 15mins north of plymouth
  5. was worcester now just south of worcester 20 min in putnam ct.i'm always in wareham ma to visit parents,
  6. Canton here
  7. SIS here!
    SIS= Still In Stoneham
  8. West Springfield. Over on the other side of the state, seems to be only two of us from this end.
  9. ^^^craig right??^^^if so we are myspace friends
    im in WESTFIELD
  10. Haverhill...
  11. sturbridge ma here

  12. Ready for the Mustang Nationals this year? It's in July,...I think.

  13. Where is it going to be held? Is it in Massachusetts?

  14. Is that the Bud Plant in Merrimack?
  15. where is it going to be?
  16. I moved from Dudley, MA. I still work at the Lincoln dealership there so Im all over Dudley, Webster and Worcester. Now that I moved to CT, Im in Putnam a lot.
  17. Eh, I'm on this website too, buddy! lol

    Hampden, Ma, here.