MA people

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  1. me too! Southampton... sorta near you guys. :p
  2. im in Chelmsford
  3. Chelmsford as well
  4. West Springfield here..
  5. Theres not alot of us. But there is alot of stangs around here. Too bad there owned all by us 3-4 LOL
  6. Im from Taunton, MA.
    Here is a pic of the car.

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  7. Southwick. Vintage and Fox :D
  8. Wonderful Worcester
  9. Looks like the Western Mass guys just crawled out of the wood work.:D
  10. just east Worcester...
  11. another stanger from mass here.representing little portugal a.k.a. Fall River MA.
  12. Crazypete holding down belmont MA

    Looks like my little sleepy suburb is well represented here on stangnet :p

    It's a sleepy little town but it's well within range of forte's parts connection, has it's own little downhill pseudo-dragstrip (someone built a mini-highway parallel to the highway) and a fantastic place to test one's suspension (pleasant street, if you can survive p.s. then your suspension is well up to par.)

    Only problem is everyone in this neighborhood is so damn unfriendly. Lived here 20 years now and only talked to 1 neighbor so far and only that in passing.
  13. Holbrook, work in Quincy.
  14. Lakeville, right down the street from the mall

    looking forward to some cruises this season
  15. Ya, I sold that guy my Maroon 90 GT Vert when I bought my 05 GT Vert and he did wonders with it.
  16. Oh ya, I'm in the North Shore as well.
  17. another one from Reading here. nice little town where people duck for cover when they hear me coming lol