MA people

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  1. Montague Ma here. bout 40 mins north of Springfield

  2. how is the grease doing pete?
  3. sturbridge mass
  4. Franklin, Mass here mofugas
  5. Dracut here

    Anyone know any shops they would trust/ or have used for a gear swap? FRPP 4.10's come in a week!
  6. Pepperell, Ma
  7. You'd be surprised....

    It's all still down there...literally. It hasnt budged. Like absolutely none of it has fallen off or run off, even with the torrential rains we've had lately. There is no "oil shimmer" on the water puddles under the car at all.

    Furthermore.....the debris that lands on the grease is short lived. Ever time it rains and I drive it, the little pebbles get washed off so it's not slowly accumulating crap either.

    So far, I've changed the exhaust system since the big greasing and this week, I reinstall the cats and go for state inspection. That'll be fun. I hope they dont look too hard at the underside. ;)

    oh....and I've moved so...

    Arlington, MA, here!
  8. Plymouth here, now I have a vette but had a 94GT 95 corba and 2000GT before.
  9. 2002 Gt Convert in Natick
  10. Raynham

    Raynham/Taunton Mass
    Heres A Pic Of My Car

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  11. Let Me Know When Something is happening:nice:

    Lets try to get a cruise going:nice:
  12. I'm always running at stage fort park.