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  1. How bad is Maaco??? I have a black 99 GT (see sig) and it has many a scratch and mark. Also, the color is starting to fade a little (you can't see it in the pics really.) I want to get the car re-painted black, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg. Macco has some special for like $250 or something. My brain is telling me that you get what you pay for, however, people get that all the time I bet so it must not be TOO bad. Keep in mind, I don't want a flawless pearlescent paintjob with 35 layers of clear coat or anything, just repaint the car black. Any advice???
  2. Ask them if you can supply your own paint. that is the key, thier paint quality is really cheap, my nephew had his 65 coupe painted and it looked nice for a while but then fadded real bad after about a year.

    Especially with that black, it will show all blemisshes. If you don't have dents or bodywork that needs to be done, you should be able to get it painted for around a 1000 or so and have a much better end product.
    Good luck
  3. I have never once heard 1 good thing about maaco. I know that a lot of people go there to get their car painted. However, I know that a lot of people don't keep their cars for very long. If you are gonna sell the stang in less than 5 years, then why not go maaco. However, if you are planning on keeping it for a while, then I wouldnt go within 5 miles of a maaco
  4. Yep -- they're cheap, not good. The few people I know that had a car painted there were just looking to spruce it up in order to sell it.
    If you are intending on keeping (and showing off) your car, you'd do better to save up a couple grand and have a really excellent job done at a high quality shop.
  5. Ok, thanks guys, I'll steer clear of Maaco :banana:
  6. my buddy has done by Macco.We spent months on the body and new panels and then he rushed it and went there,lasted about 6 months and now it looks so bad he wont even drive it.

  7. Amen!

    I think if you wanted to paint a oil painting with all the supplies, it would proboly cost around the same price as a macco paint job...
  8. I'll never go to a Maaco after what I saw them to do an old Grand Prix. They didn't wash it first (or prep it at all for that matter) and you could see it had mud on it that they painted over!
  9. Stay clear of those places. I worked part time at a Maaco years ago. They would give me 1 sheet of sandpaper and expected me to prep a whole car with it. I had the trunk sanded to the point I thought was acceptable, and the boss gave me he!! for taking too long and wearing out my sandpaper without the whole car being done. Needless to say, I picked up my stuff and :spot:
  10. ROFLMAO one sheet. LOL i used ten on the beauty plate on my manifold just to repaint it. Thanks I'll stay clear also.
  11. For those who have seen a maaco paint job, want do you mean when it looks really bad? My dad gave me his 1991 ranger. The paint is shot, and its got 3 or 4 big spots where the paint just chipped away, and on the roof the spot is rusting. I dont care too much about how the truck looks, but I would like to protect the metal from the elements, but I dont want to drive it around covered in primer. Would a maaco paint job even be worthwhile to protect the body? If it fades its ok, but I dont want it peeling off.
  12. You'd be better off buying an inexpensive gun, some decent paint, and teaching yourself how to paint!!! If it looks like crap, tell people Maaco did it anyway!!
  13. Ford changed over to a water born system and had MAJOR problems with paint back then.A maaco job would probably be ok id you dont mid it lasting 6 months.Just dont get the INTEGRATED clear,that where the paint goes bad,get a actual clear coat.
  14. Yea, I had my old cavalier painted there. I had them paint the whole car black (hood and spoiler were orginally red). When I got it back it what crap. Bubbles in the paint, on the spoiler you could still see the red and everything. I hated the job that they did and I strongly recommend finding someone else than Maaco to paint your car.
  15. There is a guy around here with a 69 fast back, beautiful car. He won a maaco paint job at some function. He did all the prep work, pulled all the trim, etc. put some ****ty steelies on it and trailered it over there. Had them use their "decent" paint and it turned out pretty damn good, it's metallic blue with silver stripes. The stripes were even strait.
    I or should I say, my insurance company brought my truck there after an accident, and I paid a little extra to just have the rest of the truck painted since it had been keyed before I bought it. Yeah, that didn't turn out too well. Overspray everywhere, they sanded where the key marks had been but didn't smooth the edges at all, so it still looked like **** afterwords.
    So it's not that they don't know how to lay paint, just their prep work that really sucks.
  16. Do your own prep.... Buy the paint, and have someone shoot it for you... or have them shoot the clear.... Epoxy Primer and base coat are easy to shoot, the clear takes a little skill around edges... \

    Paint= $250-450 (Depending on color brand)

    Booth rental/Painter: $100-$250 (Depending on shop/painter)

    As much time as you put in on the prep you will get back in the results... If you want black you are going to need LOTS of prep... Black show every little wrinkle in the body... You could turn it into shop material with good prep... The painter gets all the glory, but thats not the real story...

    For around $500-$700 you could have a $2500 paint job, its up to you... Maaco has skilled people there, but they use crap paint...
  17. Got my car repainted there...
    You definitely get what you paid for, not great quality but cheap.
    My car was chipping big time and the primer was exposed at numerous places. Anyhow, even if it is not the best paint job in the world, it still is better than nothing.
    They paint the entire car...literaly :fuss:
    Be sure to do the prep yourself. I got some paint on my rims, windows, and rear view mirrors. All the scoops were painted, and the lights were barely can see the tape marks...And to make sure they would do the job right, they used sand paper to remove the paint spots on some plastic parts :bang:
    Paint definitly got bubbles in it, and even got some of the painter's hair stuck on it...pretty crappy.
    Overall while it sound awful, I am the most picky and therefore extremely critique of their performance, but if you do a good prep yourself, it can turn out pretty well.

    Also, if you use their paint beware it might not match the factory color.
  18. damn. i was going to prep the car and take it to maaco because i'm all out of ideas and i need my car soon. after this thread i'm damn sure i've changed my mind. thanks for saving my poor stang and my money.
  19. Me and my family has used Maaco many times and they've done excellent work. We never had any problems with the paint being dull or with overspray. Maaco has different levels of paint work. You can have them use multiple stage paint on your car. The Maaco shop up here in my area does very good quality work. I think that another member in here from Springfield, Massachusetts also praises Maaco. He owns a Mustang that was repainted by Maaaco and it came out excellent. You have to tell the people at Maaco to prep the car properly before painting it. If you get on them and tell them to be careful and do good work, your Maaco paint job will come out good.
  20. Shouldn't have to that should come with the service.