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  1. Doesn't the paint job come with a warranty??

    The only problem I have ever seen with maaco is the poor prep. I mean poor taping off. I have seen over spray issues. I have even seen over spray on tailpipes and mirrors.

  2. Many uneducated immigrants work at Maaco who do the prep work on cars. That's why you got to tell them to take extra care and do the prep work right. American born people don't like doing prep work I guess.
  3. if you planned on keeping the car for any amount of time I would not have them paint it. Like everyone else said they use cheap paint.

  4. yet another good reason not to go there. If they are not even educated how could you expect them to prep a car and actually do a quality job.
  5. This was a dead thread from last year... Why was it brought back to life?