Mac Axle Back For 05 V6

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  1. Mac Axle Back & K&N CAI Installed

    Just installed the Mac V6 axle back on my stang...WOW...this was a choice of mine ....trying to get away from the usual magna flow est posts...and i have a suprise to anyone that replies
  2. suprise = sound clip?!?!?
  3. Hey FAZ...will try 2 post a sound clip for everyone...between work and mods i have been busy..i was/am impressed by the MAC..very deep on the 6...the suprise will come later when we get more peeps :hail2:
  4. What the 'F' is up with these muffler prices?!

    6 years ago they were all under $100 - $125-

    Has there been some Lawsuit/judgement that has these prices up so high on a such a simple sheet metal enclosure?

    These things aren't being made for Commercial Aircraft !
  5. i think the prices are high because of how new the car is and there arent too many out there etc..

    oh yeah i cant wait to hear them. i have the Mac "H" pipe and exhaust, CAI on my 89. and they sound great
  6. I didn't like that the Mac had a 4" tip. I was worried that it would look too much like a ricer.
  7. pls post sound clip
  8. dang!! 4inch tip? thats pretty darn large.
  9. Well the tip is big....but i think it looks the v6 some added look to far as sounding like i ricer i think not!!!....this mac has a growl! i installed the k&n cai kit and it was a easy with the mac & k&n cai it really kinda levels each other out...the sound before the k&n cai was almost to loud and drowning at certain rpms....i drove 60 miles today with the whole package installed and it really sounded deep & throty...very happy with the set-up...
    Thumbs up
  10. I just went out to the garage to look at this 4 inch pipe thing being to big and it fits the 05 v6 cut-out fine...i did have a heluva time getting everything lined up lying on my back and being old does not am not 20 ish does not look like a ricer..i have 2 honda accords that i have modded...just my op
  11. I wasn't trying to insult. It's just that a 4" tip seemed like it was bigger than it needed to be.
  12. Hey prob..just wanted to double check it myself..the 4 inch pipe is really not a problem w/the 05 v6 cut-out...fits it fine... like my original post this is not the norm for peeps..mac is new to the market for the 05 /6 and i really like there product...
  13. glad to hear you like it, maybe you can post a picture.
    did the check engine light come on since you installed the KandN CAI??
  14. RE: 4" tail pipe

    Post a photo if you can. We'd all like to see it.
  15. I did a battery disconnect on both installs..the diff was the cai...before when i installed the axle back it was loud and sounding really good for a 6...what suprised me was the harmony i got when the cai was installed...a much sweeter deep sound...i was suprised by this 6....i honestly dont think you could get much better sound w doing a ex/cai sounds so deep ...i would rec for anyone w/ a 6 to do it and it was a fairly cheep upgrade..figure 20hp..out
  16. MAC sounds good, but after the experience I had with them on my 95, I'll never buy them again.

    Beware of rust...ate through my set up a little over a year.
  17. Ive been really worried about MAC quality as well but am not much anymore. Theyve come a long long way from the horror stories of the early-mid 90s. Some of the stuff they made for the 5.0 leaves me shaking in my boots and sleeping uneasy at night, but I think they're past that now.
  18. As far as the Mac product i think it will be fine..everyone likes there brands ect....this axle back is stainless steel and seems very well put together...the welded joints look high quality...i guess time will tell and i can easily swap in a jba or magna-flow ect....thanks for all the input from you guys on my/our mods i enjoy the talk.... :banana:
  19. I had a single MAC axle-back in my hands and couldn't put it on my car. The 4 inch pipe (with another smaller pipe inside it!) just didn't do it for me. I kept thinking of Folgers crystals... Ended up selling it on ebay for a small loss.
  20. Folgers???....and pipe size.???...please explain!....what do you have on your 6?.....what do you rec to us?....i would be interested to find out what the pipe size is on all the other axle-back systems for the 6 are....just curious