Mac Axle Back For 05 V6

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by wolverine63, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. ahh... Folgers crystals... they come in coffee cans, eh
  2. No, I like MAC products and the kit I had on my 95 was seriously the best sounding system I think I've ever heard on a 95 V6.

    But they DONT use stainless steel, they use standard aluminum. So just watch for rust spots and take car of them ASAP should you see them start.
  3. ok on my 89 I have the Mac exhaust and it is rusted, but no holes, what can I do to prevent further damage?
  4. I'd suggest using like a Naval jelly or something like that which is a rust preventer and it also stops exsiting rust.

    It worked ok on mine for a while, but wore off and I got tired or reapplying it.
  5. Hey Brahma....Thanks for the tips..!
  6. hey you have a sound clip for the mac exhaust on the 05. i really need to hear it before i decide, so far im going with flows and jba but i want to hear the MAC first also if u have pics that would help.
  7. I just putthe MAC duals on my car, and it made it sound like a ricer car! it sounds horrible. Im thinkin maybe i have an exhaust leak, those band clamps they give arent exactly the best sealing clamps..... But the set i have are polished stainlesssteel. with 4" tips. Looks real good. Just it doesnt sound too great, do they break in?
  8. I know you're asking about th MACs, but the magnaflows sound REALLY nice... deep. Don't pick up a riscerish hint till way high RPMs.