Mac Cat Back?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BLACKKNIGHT94, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. A friend of mine is getting rid of his MAC cat back, he was thinking of just trading me for my Dynomax ultraflows. Good Idea? 3.5 Tips! Also, Im running an o/r h-pipe should I trade for his X-pipe, what would sound better? He's trading his car in.
  2. They sound good on the Ls but they don't look good after a while. I would keep the dynomax as I imagine when that MAC comes off it is going to be nasty looking.
  3. Would you keep the h or go with the x?
  4. my friend has been running the MAC catback with a BBK o/r X and BBK shorty headers. the whole system looks good, maybe a little but of rust on the mufflers but looks like its from rock strikes that made some scratches. all i know is that his sounds mean as ****, i'd take it, i think it'll be louder than your dynomax, but only if there's little to no rust.
  5. Who cares what the thing looks like? It's going to be under your car :scratch:

    Personally, I think MAC sounds great :shrug:
  6. When it rusts through I would care.
  7. I think my macs sound much better than flows
    and i felt more power too
    the tips look much better
  8. Definately do it!!! The MAC's really do sound better/ louder, and I have had my system on my '93 LX for a year, with no rust.
  9. No rust here either. Love the way they sound also