1. Hello all,
    I am looking for a sound clip or a video of a stocish 5.0 and stock hpipe with the mac produmps.
    I need new mufflers, looking at giving the dumps a try, but i cant get rid of the cats due to smog.

    My mods include gt40 heads, bbk shorty headers, elderbrock intake, bbk 70mm tb with bbk cai and pro-m maf and a mild cam(i think e303).

    Also i have a rattle (metal on metal) comming from the firewall/ tranny tunnel area, is there a heat sheild or something around there that would cause it?
  2. check youtube for the soundclip should be there, as far as the rattling noise i would check the heat shields on the converters, often the factory spot welds break causing the shields to rattle
  3. Dumps in general are a terrible idea. Border line horrific on an lx (from a visual standpoint).
    Now couple that with loud mac mufflers and it's a recipe for a car that is almost unbearable on the street.
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  4. You're not going to like dumps after you realize how loud it is inside the car. You basically bounce the sound off the pavement and right back up into the car.

    I ran dumps for a week...never again
  5. Personally I love the dumps when my car was running, but if you are looking for a X-pipe with high flow cats I MIGHT have Bassani X-pipe for sale
  6. I don't like how they stink up the inside of the car at a standstill either.
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  7. Yeah, not a fan of them either. Try driving around with just your H-Pipe for a couple of days and see if you can stand the smell and the drone. I'm betting you'll change your mind.