Mac H = Lose Torque?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DRock9, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Hey I got a quick question! My car is completely stock, and I was just about to buy a Mac O/R H pipe but I read in another thread that it will make me lose power if it's the only thing on my car. So if it is going to make me lose low end torque then i don't want to put it on. I want the sound of a loud car though and I figured taking the cats off was the easiest way to do it, cheaper than a cat-back too. But taking into account the info I read, would buying an O/R H as my first mod to the car would be a bad decision?

    Thanks for the advice!

    EDIT: I'm also very confused because in another thread multiple people said not to get a midpipe until you are at 260+ HP but in the "Order of priority" thread in the sticky it is the 3rd thing listed, and the first item that will actually yield some HP. What gives?


    Be warned...half this thread is a flame-fest so just skim through.
  2. It will be a fine first mod.
  3. So i won't lose any low-end torque? I love the SOTP feeling i get when i mash the throttle and I don't want to lose any of that! After exhaust will come gears :cheers:
  4. dont get confused by what people say and the "priority mod list". Everyone has different opinons and if you lsiten to all of them youll just be listening to a bunch of crap and get confused, just look at the facts. An o/r mid pipe will be a great first mod and you car will sound mean, go for it. If you have stock cats on your car now, youll notice more power, and you WILL NOT lose torque. Youll feel your revs be less restricted.
  5. Thanks a lot! I think i will go ahead and order it now.
  6. You won't notice a thing except how much better the car sounds, and maybe a little SOTP difference towards the + side.
  7. One more question...if the tracloc in my axle doesn't work anymore, will putting 3.73 gears in fix the problem? I don't think it would but it wouldn't hurt to ask and make sure, also what is the name of the parts/kit that I would need to rebuild it? Thanks!
  8. You would also need to get a rebuild kit with the 3:73's to fix the tractionloc. I don't know where you can get the kit though.
  9. You dont know WTF you r talking about! I put an off rd h pipe on my stock motor and lost a "TON" of low end torque!! I wound up putting the stock h back on. Dont touch the stock h till you do something with the heads!
  10. no no no! :nono: For one, this guy has "GTOreturns" as his name. GM guy. You wont lose "tons" of torque, maybe a small amount. So small youd never notice. What you lose in torque, you will gain in HP. Add a couple degrees of timing, get the 373s, and youll be happy. Also, An hipe will make the car sound awsome!!! Good luck!
  11. Agreed. There was a very noticeable difference when i put a MAC H with high flow cats on, as compared to the offroad pipe.

    Below 3000 rpms was where it was most notible difference with the WIN going to the MAC H with high flows. After 3000 RPM there was no noticeable difference.
  12. Never mind the name,Im just a muscle car junky!! WRONG!! Im talking from experience.I did this with 30,000 miles on my car. HP smorse power! Torque is what wins races. And yes, you lose a noticable amount of low end grunt, which makes the 5.0's famous!! Do what you want,Im telling you the truth! An h pipe will make his car sound awsome? It COMES WITH AN H PIPE!!! If you want it louder get a cat back set up. The only real thing that makes a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in the exhaust note is a cam and heads!!
  13. I ran mac h and LT's on my stock motor with an intake that was too large...results were the car was just fine bottom end and gave a monster crackle that makes people look. You need the clutch pack rebuild kit to repair the Tracloc..your looking at the spider gears, they do not need to be replaced! you need the tracloc rebuild kit, gear install kit, gears, and money for fresh tires :)
  14. Lots wrong here...a good mid pipe and headers will free up both torque and power across the board, and though it's true headflow does increase exhaust volume and change tone, it's completely wrong to say off road exhaust systems are not louder..completely wrong. My Mac system SCREAMED at WOT and snarled at mid throttle when stock...that's the facts. Wth my current setup I still run the mac h and LT's and have on several occasion had the car referred to as "rediculous" in the upper RPMs.
  15. With the gears it will feel like you have more lowend anyway so do it. And I notcied barely any difference in going from stock h to O/r h except for the HUGE difference in sound. I'd say that h pipe and some cheapy bullets will sound good, just check out mobs car!
  16. Ok Ill agree about the heads and cam here. That WILL make significant difference in the sound of it. Yes, 5.0s do come with an Hpipe. An Hpipe with 4 cats! If you want your car a little louder go with "street legal" hi-flow catted hpipe(two hi-flow cats). If you dont have to go through emissions, and you want your car even louder, go with the off-road hpipe(no cats, non street legal). Torque helps win races, but horsepower gets you to the end. Oh, and cat back exhaust, dont waist your money. It wont change the sound that much. They do look a little cleaner and give you bigger tailpipes, but not worth the money spent.
  17. Your clue less. Put a set of Bassani muffs on your stock system THEN tell me theres no difference! HP gets you to the end? The end of what?
  18. what are you smoking fastsn95.

    The catback will significantly altger the tone, depth and clarity of the exhaust note. Have you ever even been in two cars with different catbacks, but same mid pipe, makes a huge difference.
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