Mac H = Lose Torque?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DRock9, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Huh, I actually agree with this mob guy. Its a 5spd rite?
  2. what????:shrug:
  3. exactly.
  4. Question? Do you have a question?
  5. Pfff yeah ok. And what exactly do you have done to your heads? Thats why you can use an off rd pipe. It happened to me, Im not just picking this out of the air. OK, maybe it will start to pull harder at 120mph. But from 0-100 a stock motor runs better with the stock H.
  6. not to you.
  7. :scratch:
  8. Im not going through this whole name calling and negative crap again. But I totally disagree with ya here.
  9. Thank you very much to Dman and Mob! You're posts were very helpful!
  10. he has larger vlaves, no porting or polishing on his heads, there is no huge power difference, but the o/r h pipe is less restrictive and therefore more power...
  11. You are not smart, and how exactly are you judging this? Im guessing your using your ass meter with all this expierence you have? You have clearly made yourself out to be a douche bag on here so you expect the thread poaster to trust you and what your saying? cats are not made to flow! they are made to keep the air clean! They will not HELP your performance. And you say chambered flowmaster mufflers are good because they give back presssure? specific/Pro Street scan.jpg

    Thats some NUMBERS for you on a flowbench, their real good arent they. Get your facts straight, and when you get some numbers to prove a factory 4 catted hpipe is better then a free flowing o/r hpipe then you can come talk, but you have no credbility on this forum what so ever, and 25th has bigger valves on his heads thats it.
  12. yeh Drock we totally blew this thread for ya! Sorry 'bout that
  13. Hey Drock, sorry for hijacking your thread. My dad and I did this install ourselves, a first tiume for both of us, and its been over a year and we have no problems. If you would like a good page with an excellent write up, I'll see if I can find it.
  14. Oh well I got the help I needed, I knew it would come eventually. Hahaha

    No worries.
  15. agree. Can we agree on this grey5.0beast?
  16. well we never disagreed on that matter, the catback thing got us carried away...

    We are cool I guess...
  17. agree again. Yeh Ill call a truse(sp?).
  18. You base your knowledge on a flow bench, I base mine on personal experience. New cars since the 90's run better with cats on. Ive been driving since1982 when you were playing with your GI Joe's. There not just for the air anmore,like they used to be in the 70's. Its all factored into your cars performance. And save the name calling for when your in school.
  19. Stock 5.0 will move the rollers to the tune of 190's in pure stock 5spd form. Usually upgrading the exhaust on these cars will net you 210-220 with a good tune, bumped timing and a upgraded air filter.
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