Mac H = Lose Torque?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by DRock9, Oct 11, 2006.

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  2. Waiting for what? What is your POINT out of all of this? That on his car a stock hpipe will be better then an o/r hpipe because it will have backpressure right? But yet your saying an o/r hpipe will flow better. So lets think about this why would you stick with a stock hpipe if the o/r hpipe flows better, [email protected]#[email protected] BACK PRESSURE!=teh win

    A 2.5" o/r hpipe may be TOO big for a stock motor, BUT anything is better then the stock 4 cats. Like said before, the hp and torque will increase all around because all the cats do is RESTRICT. You may wanna adjust your SOTP meter, its alittle off.
  3. Yeah only my novel is right and yours is pathetic... I quoted what you said, that a crap stock H pipe with 4 cats, non mandrel bends and only 2 1/4" will go faster and make more tq than an off road pipe??? If you really think this your on some kind of GOOD drugs!

    Who the hell says my motor is stock, it isnt stock. I have listed my mods many many times, and if you think I lie about anything feel free to meet me at the track. Ill gladly show you what my not stock motor with an off road pipe will do.

    Also to note if you think I never had a stock motor and never had a stock mid pipe to compare, your wrong, I have had 6 Mustangs all with stock and aftermarket mid pipes... actually just took an off road H off my sisters 94 and threw a stock 4 cat pipe on, and guess what, ITS SLOWER!!!
  4. I was once the board ricer, now Im the board liar... sweet, what next. I think I need a CT for all these names Im branded with!
  5. I'll add my 2 cents from personal experience and research. Adding a free flowing exhaust to a stock motor can cause a loss of low end HP/torque, say below 3000 rpm, but will add HP/torque above that point. The loss/gain is due to the decrease/increase in the exhaust velocity and scavenging effect. Puttering around town the low end power loss can be noticable and make the car feel slower. In a racing situation where the rpm's are higher (above 3000 rpm) the car will be faster. So theoretically, the free flowing exhaust will make the car faster in a 1/4 mile type race. Changing to a 3.73 gear ratio will make any loss in low end power non-noticable becasue of the increased torque multiplication and the fact that the rpm's will be higher for a given mph. Also the cats have significant muffeling effect and removing them will make the car louder regardless what catback/mufflers are on the car.
  6. can I have some of what everyone is smoking in this thread?

    God damn lol, this is why I never ask questions on forums.....thank god for knowledgable friends!
  7. I personally would love to see some proof of this. And from MikeC not the other GTO guy who has no idea what hes talking about...

    Also I dont know what SOTP meter you guys have, but with my sisters 94 GT it felt and was slower with the 4 cat H on it! No questions asked.
  8. to add even more fuel on the fire, i switched from from the stock 4-catted system to two high flow cats and picked up a noticable amount of power. like actually beeing able to do more than just chirp the tires noticable. of course i also switched to 1 5/8 shortys at the same time, but the rest of the motor is the stock 140kmile package.

    and :OT: im really suprised nobody's got the bant stick in this thread.
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  10. Ok, you guys are insane. I have nothing to do with this argument, but this is rediculous. Look at 25thmustang's and mob's signatures, read times and mods. Until we see low 13 and 12 sec. times in your sig's from your stock motored cars, stfu. It's that simple. Obviously, whatever they are doing works. I don't care what you experienced, or felt or whatever, it's all in the 1/4 times, and I have a feeling those cars wouldn't run that with a stock exhaust...
  12. You guys have a 6 page argument going over a freaking H-pipe? Come on!

    Couple of comments for the original poster.

    1) The Exhaust is listed at item #4 in the mod list. Item number 2 is GEARS. Item number 1 is Sub Frame connectors.

    2) Buy the H-pipe put it on and go from there.

    3) Also think ahead when you rebuild your rear end for the Trac-Loc. Are you going to get stronger axles for racing? What about 5-lug in the future? Use as many stock parts as you can if you plan greater things down the road.

    I can only imagine what Dags or Tim will do when they see this thread.
  13. Quote:
    Originally Posted by GTOReturns
    Pfff yeah ok. And what exactly do you have done to your heads? Thats why you can use an off rd pipe. It happened to me, Im not just picking this out of the air. OK, maybe it will start to pull harder at 120mph. But from 0-100 a stock motor runs better with the stock H.

    The point he may be tryin to make would be... why not add 3" exhaust while your add it? I put long tubes, o/r h, and spintech pro streets /w 2.5 all the way out the back on my stock 5.0 I did notice some torque, or slower response in my throttle idle-1500rpm. It doesn't like takin off the line from idle as much. But it does pull harder 3k-redline. And the revs climb a LOT faster now.

    If you make the exhaust too big you'll increase the torque, but move the torque line up in the rpm range... and lose some torque down low. They did this last week on horsepower TV /w their dyno by testing out different header/exhaust combinations in a row. The torque curve on their motor dropped idle-2500rpm /w 3" exhaust but increased at peak HP ~ 4500rpm.

    side note: o/r h pipe for a stock 5.0 isn't going to be that noticable... at ALL. Do it, it'll sound better... car will pull harder and rev faster up top. And you'll want it there before you do h/c/i.
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