Mac Long Tube Headers- Do These Look Right?

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  1. So a local guy is selling some used MAC long tubes for cheap- so cheap that I'm thinking about scooping them up. The pictures he sent me though, look odd- don't the primary tubes look REALLY long to you guys? I have never seen MAC headers in person (off a car, at least), so I was hoping some of you guys could offer some insight.


  2. One thing to consider about Mac headers is once you take them off after they are new and re-install them they can be a **** to bolt back on because without flanges the individual tubes warp then the bolt holes to the heads won't line up.
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  3. Now take my advice with a grain of salt but........... I personally would never buy any used MAC headers, The individual flanges tend to distort and warp to the head they were installed on and are a major PITA to get back straight or to go on another set of heads. You can see in the pics how the flanges don't lay flat.

    If the headers are dirt cheap and you feel lucky, spin the wheel and take your chance.
  4. Those actually look about right. My BBK long tubes are about the same length.

    If you can get them dirt cheap, then go ahead and grab them. They can be a real pain in the ass to install used, but its not impossible. I'd use the best gaskets I could find, with liberal coatings of copper seal RTV silicone at both ends.

    One thing I would check with these headers before handing over any cash is the condition of them under that header wrap. Wrapping headers can superheat the metal, shortening their lifespan. I've seen older wrapped headers more than once either cracked from being overheated because the metal has become brittle, or rotted out altogether because the header wrap also holds moisture like a sponge.
  5. Yea, I'm not too worried about install issues. I'll finger it out.

    Also, my current headers have been wrapped for about 5 years now without issue... so I ain't skeered.

    If they look right to you guys, I'll go take a look at them. Thanks for the help.
  6. check to see how warped the flanges are as well. also using copper gaskets like from Mr gasket will last much longer along with the copper spray/ RTV as mentioned.
  7. Another thing to research, being that they are off the car is if they are for a 5-sd or an auto. My BBK's are spec 5-spd and another p/n for auto...
  8. I don't think it makes a difference with the MAC headers. The auto and 5-speed cars are the same. Only BBK differs between the two drivetrains that I know of.
  9. mac has different part numbers for auto and 5 speed as well. it clearly shows on the website.
  10. Yea good point... I should ask him that.
  11. My mistake. I thought I remembered it not mattering with the MAC stuff.

    One thing I will recommend against....their copper header gaskets. GARBAGE!!!

    Bought a set for my Fox thinking they would be leak free. Not only did they leak like a sieve, but they were so misaligned with the ports on my GT40X's, I had to modify the bolt holes and the inner edges of the port area of each gasket for them to even fit.

    Never again. Their headers, mid pipes and cat backs aren't bad (after a little tweaking), but everything else they sell is absolute 2nd rate crap. I've never had luck buying anything sold by MAC and aside from the aforementioned, will never take another chance on any of their products.
  12. Percy's makes great copper gaskets. So do Mr Gasket. Believe it or not the stock 5.0 gaskets are nice pieces as well.
  13. From what I remember, the 205s require a particular exhaust gasket because the exhaust ports are so large. I'd have to dig up my literature to verify that.
  14. Curious....are these 1 5/8" headers, or 1 3/4" headers (hard to tell from the pic). If the former....wouldn't you think the larger diameter primary tubes would be better suited to your 205's? Especially as your engine combination grows? It would be a shame to hold back the additional power those 205's make with a set of headers that aren't up to the task of moving out the spent exhaust gases?

    Long tube headers aren't exactly the most fun to change. You'd have to have to do it a second time round if you could avoid it?
  15. Actually, the current owner of the headers bought them used and doesn't know what size they are himself. I was going to bring my calipers and measure them, but now @hoopty5.0 's thread about the junkyard 351 has got me wanting to focus on 351 stuff again, so I may pass on the headers altogether. This is why my build thread is titled "Commitment Issues"... Because I can never make up my damn mind. Haha... aaaahhh :nonono:
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  16. After you put the bolts in the back primary, use a broomstick as a lever against the k-member to pull the front primary until it's in the right position for the front bolts. It's still a ****, but this is how I got my mac shorties in on an old combo. I swore I'd never buy another set of MACs after that, but maybe it was an overreaction. BBK primaries do not have individual flanges, which is a better design for a couple of reasons.
  17. good choice ive heard nightmare installs with them and they look like they seen better days!!! too much work and $ will be spent to bring them back imho i think your ride deserves better
  18. A set of header studs will make the job much easier and save the exhaust threads from getting stripped when trying to pry on the tubes to get them to line up. Felpro 1415's are probably what you are looking for for the exhaust gasket. If those headers arent 1 3/4" primaries, it would be a total waste of time and not worth the hassle with the big exhaust port. My 1 5/8" primaries on my 205 heads were at least .060" smaller all around.
  19. Hahaha....yeah, I read that thread too. Are you sure it's the cubes that are responsible for all that power....and not the copious amounts of boost being stuffed through them?