Mac Long Tube Headers- Do These Look Right?

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  1. Oh, it's certainly all about the boost. Still makes me want a 351 all that much more though, hahaha.
  2. Yep, this is what I'm thinking. I will probably go to header studs on these heads regardless of what route I take. Studs make pretty much everything easier, regardless of the application. I had my upper intake off the other day, and when I dropped it back on and everything lined up perfectly without doing the gasket-fumble-shuffle, I thought to myself, "God bless those intake studs". Bolts suck.
  3. Yeah....but curse those stupid little 12-point 10mm nuts that Trick Flow saddles us with!!! :fuss:
  4. look the same length as mine
  5. I hope we are talkin bout headers here
  6. ....and if not, do they both have all of the same funny bends in them as well?
  7. my mac's before i put them in

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  8. Here are my MAC Ceramic coated 1-3/4" Long Tubes with 3" Collector right out of the box.

    Usually the metal under the wrapped part is garbage. I've bought probably 6 exhaust systems and went with ceramic this time. Less heat and still look great. I would never buy chrome or non-coated headers ever.

  9. Is that blood spatter on the floor? How you bleeding before you even put the headers in? :D
  10. I was so excited because I got my entire 3" exhaust system that I cut myself opening the boxes.

    Actually, that's the color of my car, painted the engine bay while the motor was out. The gun got gooped up and drops came out. Had to take the entire gun apart. Wound up throwing it away and buying another one.

  11. hahahah i think weve all cut ourselves doing that.