Expired MAC LT headers, 3'' collector

Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by BullittStangV8, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys I got a set of MAC LT headers with 3'' collectors for 302 based motors. Just put a fresh coat of hi temp header paint on them, and cleaned up all the welds. Asking $150 OBO. Headers are in NJ. Post here and PM me if interested.
  2. still for sale for x-mas time!
  3. Still available. Make an offer!
  4. Bump price down to $125
  5. Bump for anyone interested in some headers.
  6. Are these a 3 bolt flange or ball and socket style? Thanks bud.
  7. Ball and socket
  8. Still available?
  9. Sorry for the delay, the headers are still available.
  10. where in jersey are you???
  11. Very interested.... got any pictures of them? Nicholas.L.Bell(at)gmail.com
  12. Headers are in the whitehouse area. Near brisgewater. Been busy working on another car and couldn't get pics. I'll ask a friend to take one tonight or tommorrow.
  13. Are the headers still available?
  14. Headers are available and pics will be going out to those that asked. Sorry for the long delay.
  15. Text me or call 2086702466
  16. Anyone whose interested I can send out the headers now via email. Nicholas I just emailed you the pics.
  17. will you ship on these?
  18. Sure I will ship them. Once a deal is made up, I'll find a way to package them up as safely and compact as possible. Buyer covers shipping at whatever rate/company they like!
  19. Pic was emailed out to the above address.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.