MAC LT's - no good? What else?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by StangyStealth, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Hey guys... I have heard numerous times on the boards that the MAC long tubes for the v6 are no good.. If so, what other brands even make a lt? I know that BBK has made a shorty for the 99+, but i have a 98.. And i want long tubes, not shorties.

    I was planning on the mac lt's with o/r h and my flows.. but if there is better out there, i need to know!
  2. I don't remember seeing any other longtubes out there for our cars except MAC's.
  3. I think they mean long tube headers are no good.
  4. No...LT are good, much better than their shorty counterparts. I'd never waste money on headers if they weren't LT. I've heard both good and bad, and its been pretty much 50/50. If you are worried about rust or peeling or whatever may happen to them, spend the extra dime and have them ceramic coated. I plan on running LTs myself and might look into the CC if its not too outrageously priced.

  5. Yeah, LT are the way to go if you're gettin headers. You may want to check out JBA... I know they have some V6 specific headers but I dunno if they make long, short or both. Hopefully both. I'm gonna look in to headers and an h-pipe after I get my h/c/i set up, hopefully this summer sometime.
  6. Dont go Mac, I have heard some major horror stories of engines getting torn up because of the sloppy job Mac does
  7. I've heard a lot people saying the mac tubes are crap but no one explains... any insight?
  8. MAC Headers tearing up engines??? I gotta say that I have never heard of a set of headers tearing up an entire engine. Look, if you want LT, MAC is your only choice, plain and simple. That is unless of course you have your own custom fabbed. I know Gaston @ V6power fabbed some up a while back, or at least he was experimenting with them. Also, Robert Greene, or RGR as he's more affectionately known, is in the works with some exh manufacturer that involves the use of JBA shorties and some specificlly designed exh system that will match well with H/C/I combos and is supposed to smoke the LTs but its still pretty much on the DL I think. There is a thread about it somewhere @ V6power if anyone is interested. Anywho, the 3.8, 4.6 and 5.0 all have their share of horror stories with header fitment (hell, with most all parts for that matter). Just comes with the territory.
  9. I was reading this one thread about it. They came to to differnt conclusions. One was that extra metal (forgot technical term) gets into the cylinders because the way the vacuim is and scars the cylinder walls.

    The other hypothesis was that because the new suction was so great that is pulled oil through the rings and caused it to burn oil.

    I forget which conclusion they came to, but I would still never go mac
  10. So no LT's then? Because there the only ones that make them.
  11. :bs: Gotta call bs on long tubes screwing up and engine, exhaust is flowing out not in, and my friend runs full mac exhaust on his thunderbird. Had it put on sometime in september and the headers look brand new. I don't know what all this mac bashing is about seems like quality stuff to me.
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