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Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by teenv6, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Ok, I'm a newbe when it comes to mustangs, so don't laugh at me with this question.

    But I want to buy the MAC Dual Conversion Exhaust System,

    I also know that it bolts directly up to the stock Y Pipe. Would it sound deeper, and not ricey? I also want to get some headers for the mustang, should I do the short or long headers?

    What's the difference between the two? Would the headers make the sound of the exhaust any different?

    Ok, that's my last question... for now :p
  2. The LT headers will provide your best exhaust option. But then you will need the Hpipe and catback which you will not be able to use the Ypipe dual conversion pipe. I would not buy from RPM, I am a dealer and can get you pricing if you PM me or email me. RPM is a great company and all, but hey I can probably beat their pricing! Hit me up!

  3. I emailed you Ls
  4. TeenV6--O'm in the same spot as you, i too want to buy this conversion kit but i cant find out what it would sound like and if it would do anything proformance wise. a lot of people have been telling me to buy a H pipe, but with all the work that would have to be done it seems like too much work and money. this bolt on however will gimme the look i want but i duno about the sound, and its pretty affordable. let me know if you get this and how it all turns out.
  5. actually the fake mac dual sounds pretty good. I had it on for a just wasn't loud enough for my taste so I went with true duals. The whole h-pipe thing. With the true duals it sounds really good at low rpms but at high rpms it doesn't sound as good as it does with the fake duals. It actually sounds really bad. If I had the choice now I think I would've kept the y-pipe with the mac dual. LIke I said though, the h-pipe at low rpms sounds REALLY good

  6. So, if I get a h-pipe and the MAC exhaust. Do you think it would sound good at low rpm's and hi rpm's?

  7. well thats exactly what I have, so low rpms yeah, but high no. The only difference is I took two cats out, so if you keep them then maybe it'll sound good. Actually more than likely it will sound good at high rpms, the no cats is what I think is making mine sound bad
  8. hey, same problem here. from what ive been hearing, our cars need the backpressure to keep our torque in the lower rpms. i was thinking getting the "fake" duals with teh y pipe and all until i get some serious moddage on my car, then cut off both y pipes and weld a peice in between. good idea, bad idea?

  9. good idea. It won't sound as good, but honestly I wish I had it and i hadn't done the h-pipe yet
  10. MAC exhaust sounds good on the V6. But on my GT :drool: . I say go for MAC
  11. I not getting into the backpressure issue, but open the exhaust up with the hpipe and duals. I am putting out 220 RWTQ with the setup I have!
  12. Thanks for everyone's opinion. I think MAC it is