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    nebody tried this new mac straight shot thingy..looks like any other cold air..if so what did u see..gain wise..or los..? this thing advertises 20 or so horses..hmmm.. :bs:
  2. I am looking at getting one just because it does not have the 90 degree bend into the wheelwell like the one I have. You might see a few rwhp but that is pretty much it. CAI kits are pretty much more of a thing to show off, definetly if you have a chrome one. The metal gets very hot. The one I think that makes the most power out of all is the K&N FIPK.
  3. hmm..wonder if that heatplate really helps..ive heard a lot of things (good) about densechargers thats what im getting...and i know ne thing pics it looks dull and black but..actually in person..people are like damn.. :banana:
  4. oh and um.i wouldnt pay the money for the K&N..and its dull looking--trey
  5. People have had good luck with the densecharger. Plus it doesn't look too bad under the hood either.

    The inlet tube is what gets really hot on the MAC CAI kits. The shield does not really do much.
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  7. So.. Where are you guys finding good prices for these CAI?
  8. Guys I have seen the power from both the GT and 03 Cobra kit. the Cobra kit was good for over 40hp and we have seen 30 rwhp from the GT kit , Yes on the Dyno.
    They are of very high quality also , very very nice
  9. Am I missing something :shrug:

    I was under the impression that the Staight Shot was just a CAI? :shrug:
  10. I spoke with a guy named Chuck Harris at Pro3 Ind. and he said that he had done some dynos with the Mac Straight Shot systems. On a completely stock 2001 Gt auto the dyno numbers were 22 rwhp with the system with the Mac mass air body. With the stock mass air dyno numbers were 17rwhp. He said they work extremely well due to the venturi part behind the filter that increases the speed of the airflow. you will get slightly higher numbers with a 5speed car and if you add a 70mm tb and plenum but you need to have the exhaust opened up before the plenum and tb. I'll getting one in 2 days and i'll post pics and if the car gained any noticeable power.
  11. wow..

    awesome man..yeah i heard the power gains when u buy with the mass air is eye thinking of canceling my densecharger thats only gonna be worth for prolly 7 no more than 9...and ordering it looks hella nice :flag:
  12. Anybody have a link?
  13. its gonna throw codes with that mass air..specially if u have a throttle like me...hmm thats why we get cars tuned :flag:
  14. oh and um

    oh and um one other thing about this bad ass looks better than the one made by steeda.. do the research!

    hmm GO over show
  15. i've herd that if you get it from MAC that you can get a range of sizes of the MAF. anywhere from the 73mm up to the 90mm??? and on the RPM website linked above it says the system is only for 02-04 cars, will it still fit on my 99 and will i need new injectors to go with a bigger maf or can i jsut tune it to work with the stock ones?
  16. I've got the CAI(not the mass air) on my '02 GT.
    Definite SOTP improvement! :nice:
    PITA to install; but I think this CAI is worth it. I was skeptical when I bought it, but not anymore
    I really gotta get my car on a dyno to see what it's doing....

    Here's some pics of the installed product:


  17. Looks pretty Clean to me!!!! I like it ... 30 hp to the wheels seem like a lot for just an intake.... :shrug:
  18. Mac said the kits for 99-01 kits will be out in about 3-4 weeks. the 2 kits are different because the mass air sensors are different sizes. 80mm for 99-01 and 85mm for 02-04 and 95mm for 03-04 cobras. you will not need different injectors because they dont change the size of the mass air its just polished and flows more air. You use the stock electronics out of the stock mass air unit so it stays calibrated to your stock injectors. Mac told me the only thing you do is disconnect the battery before install and then drive for at least 30 min. fairly hard after install. So make sure you have somewhere to go afterwards. Shouldnt have any cel lights if done correctly.

    Looks good !!!!!!!!! Too bad the mass air doesnt match the rest of the chrome.