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  1. Worst
  2. worst post evar.
  3. 2 thumbs up for you 2 super cool guys:)
  4. I still have seen no dyno graphs. :notnice:
  5. It was probably a case of Stock GT Dyno vs. CAI & Tune GT Dyno... I could see 17rwhp that way, but w/ a straight bolt & go CAI, I seriously doubt 17rwhp was netted.
  6. I am new to this whole CAI business.....I can see from what all of you who have written so far I am a bit lost so help me out this filter that comes with this CAI kit similar to a K&N filter in that it requires cleaning and oiling periodicly??? Would a K&N filter fit in place of the one that comes with the kit??? I have also read that if you put in the kit with the new MAF sensor that you need to have the engine re-tuned or the computer will give you error codes... who does re-tuning??? Do you take it to Ford and have them re-tune it or to a speciality speed shop to have it done??? Sorry for my ignorance but i am here to learn as much as i can from all of you so help me out.....Thanks
  7. Funny how the stang net DIY says 17rwhp based on independent testing. which is 85% of 25 +/- which means 25hp gain is dead on...

    still want to see a dyno though.
  8. Anyone know what kind of airfilter this thing uses? If it uses a "MAC" airfilter, is there any way a guy could put a K&N filter on? Just curious.
  9. It uses a MAC filter. Not sure if K&N makes a filter that will clamp on using a hose clamp like the one on my straight shot does. :shrug: