MAC Straight Shot & Accufab Throttle Body??

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  1. Anyone out there with an '03 Cobra have the MAC Straight Shot Mass Air kit and/or the Accufab "Big Oval" throttle body?? I heard they work great.....but don't like the noise the mass air kits make.....I heard they make the SC louder as well.
  2. Stay away from the MAC at all costs and don't bother with the TB until after you've done all the other bolt-ons.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up....any suggestions on an alternate air kit? As for current mods: I have a K&N replacement filter, Magnaflow exhaust and I am awaiting delivery of a Predator tuner. The only other mods I was going to do was an air kit and maybe a throttle body. Don't want to mess with changing the pulley or h-pipe due to warranty/emissions issues.
  4. The TB is going to cost you somewhere around $500-$600 and you may get 1 or 2 horsepower out of it. That's why it's not a very good mod for the 03/04 Cobra unless you're already running a ported Eaton, have pullied up, added a KB or Whipple, etc.

    As for CAI's you can't go wrong with the K&N FIPK II. Good for a dyno proven 25 RWHP on a stock Cobra. It's easy to install and one of the least expensive CAI kits available.

    As for your stock H-pipe. You could replace it with a performance H or X pipe that has cats. Like the throttle body though, it is expensive for the catted versions and you won't see but a couple of extra HP/TQ.

    Get the K&N FIPK & the Predator.... Coupled with your Magnaflow C/B you'll be close to 400RWHP with just those 3 mods!

    *NOTE* Be sure to purchase your Predator from a source that will support it down the road. Once your warranty runs out and you do decide to add a pulley or other mods you'll want to get a custom tune for the Predator. I highly suggest you check out They will sell you a Predator AND give you FREE CUSTOM TUNES for the life of your car.... now find another tuner/distributor who offers that!

  5. Meat you are totally against MAC on everything huh?

    Their CAI is fine. You cannot really screw up straight piping?

    What is your big beef with them?
  6. UM,

    Sounds good, thanks!

    p.s. Accufab states a 22 rwhp gain and an mrt h-pipe states around the I missing something, cause you say the hp gain is 1-2??
  7. Well I just installed the MAC Straight Shot 95mm for the '03-'04 Cobras and I am VERY happy. The product installed extremely easily with no mods at all (I've heard horror stories with the GT installs). This product is the newest CAI out there made exclusively for the Cobra and the throttle response has been excellent. I haven't noticed any significant noise increase. The supercharger makes enough whine on its own so you can't really complain about intake noise its a given. I had initial install questions and the MAC tech guy walked me through it. There is no getting under the car like the GT's require.. its as simple as bolt on CAI's get IMO. Go for it...
  8. Ah, their CAI is more than just a CAI. Hello? It's also a 95MM MAF housing! The reason this combo makes so much power out of the box is because it artificially leans the A/F ratio out. The MAF electronics are calibrated to read how much air is flowing through a 90MM opening, not 95MM. This leans out the A/F ratio. I've seen it on the dyno sheets. The C&L unit does the same thing.

    The reason I'm against MAC is because they make inexpensive parts, which is good if you are on a budget. I figure if you can afford a Cobra, you should be able to spring for a higher quality product. I mean I'd put 'em on a V6, but not a Cobra.

  9. First hand experience.....that's what I was looking for! Every on-line store recommends it so I'll give it a shot.
  10. That may be true if the car is modified, but you won't see those gains on a basically stock Cobra.

  11. Gotcha! So you are still sold on the K&N instead of the MAC.........too many damn choices, that's the problem.
  12. You go with whatever you want. It's your car. I just believe there are better ways to make HP than fooling the ECM by using 90MM MAF electronics in a 95MM housing. You want to lean out your A/F for more power? Then do it correctly with a custom tune. The stock MAF is good up to 450RWHP and then there are ways to get around even that limit if need be.

  13. Well I see the argument both ways, but I have to say the new 95mm straight shot for the cobra is a quality product and I've hand no problems. The MAC tech said that he was aware of the quality problems people have noted with previous GT intakes and the one from the Cobra is higher quality than they have ever made. It was a very easy install and to my knowledge there is no better CAI for the '03 Cobra. I'm really not interested in fooling with the cars computer right now as its still under warranty.
  14. Thanks to all for your I can make an educated guess and get on with it!!
  15. Doesn't the Predator retune the air/fuel mixture....that's the correct tune you are talking about as opposed to the MAC tricking the ECM?? Should I be concerned with the Predator in that regard??
  16. I have had the Mac straight shot for quite while now and I am very happy! I do not show the leaning out problem as described. I bought it when it first came out.

    I am happy with the preformance gain also.

    I do not believe they are any less a quality of a product then anyone elses. The only problem I had is they have no instructions. That is it.

    As far as K&N, I did not chose that because it is open to the top. This allows any water coming into the engine compartment into the air cleaner. The Mac has a nice stainless steel sheild on the top.


  17. -Yeah that was the only problem... no instructions. It was pretty self explanatory.. I actually called the MAC tech to help me get the factory filter out correctly without damaging and warranty parts.

    The MAC does have a great stainless heat shield that covers almost the entire filter. It's the most emcompassing one I've seen, which is great for protection.
  18. Who cares if it "artificialy" tricks the computer with a lean A/f ratio? It works dosent it? Besides the fact that CAI is a bs mod anyways :rolleyes:
  19. :shrug:

  20. Yes.
    No. The correct way to obtain a specific A/F ratio across the RPM band is to add more or less fuel to the intake charge based on throttle position, vacuum, engine load, etc, etc, etc. You may need less fuel in the lower RPM's and more fuel in the upper RPM's. Just adding more air across the board is pretty hit and miss. The Predator provides a means to make small user adjustments, but its real strength is the ability to upload custom tunes from a professional tuner. It can do everything a chip does and so much more.