MAC Straight Shot & Accufab Throttle Body??

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 1268, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. don't listen to uncle meathead his opinions are always negative. Accufabs t/body is a first class piece!
    Plus it makes power ! mac's mass air system doesn't
    trick computor either. fact is mac & accufab work very well together. I'll post West tech's dyno with both parts with afr & gains Will get someone to scan them in very soon. Dyno was done on my brothers 2003 Cobra very impressive.Yes and he is installing MAC ceramic coated long tubes this week.I'm sure meathead will be negative on accufab & mac even with dyno test & afr's posted

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  2. Please do post the dyno sheets! Is the Cobra in question running stock boost? If not, all bets are off because that changes the whole game.

    ...and what's up with the name calling dude?


    P.S. DaMessenger - For someone who's been a member on Stangnet since March of '01 and has only 21 total posts, with 18 of them being positive about MAC or MAC products...

    How much does MAC pay you again? :rlaugh:
  3. Thanks.......I'll look for the dyno info........
  4. Yeah, I kind of question that too. :shrug:

  5. well i was going to apologize for the meathead but you prove your point also who pays you for bad mouthung accu fab & mac And a few Others?
  6. whoops miss spelled mouthing here comes the spelling police! who's betting? now there's rules for your your expert opinion? yes i'm a mac fan also accu fab and a lot more. some people.some are bbk
    hooker even flow tech but everything you comment on is negative would you comment on something you like? I'm a mac fan & your a mac basher lets keep it at that.
  7. I've made over 1100 posts in these forums and of those only 9 of them concerned MAC products. Out of those 9, only 3 were negative. I challenge you to find more. So I'm hardly a "MAC Basher" :rolleyes: . I'm merely stating facts and opinions based on research and the experience of myself and others. I will admit the newer MAC products we see today are much better than years ago.

    As for Accufab, they make terrific throttle bodies! They are very well designed and work great. I've never said they weren't a quality piece of hardware, so please don’t try to put words in my mouth. It’s just the advertising used to sell them is slightly misleading. Those advertisements for 22-25 RWHP gains from simply adding the Accufab TB were not made on a stock Cobra I'll bet. Plus it was more than just the TB being added to get those gains. They also added a Power Inlet Pipe.

  8. To put this to rest.....I ordered the MAC. When I told the guy at MAC that I was getting the Predator tuner...he did not have nice things to say about it. First time I heard anything negative about it.........making me have second thoughts on the Predator....maybe I shouldn't mess with the computer??
  9. Uncle Meat is correct on the performance results, but I would disagree on the quality. Look at my mods, I have learned from experience! The throttle body is a nice piece but unless you put on a smaller pulley and/or port the blower it is a waste of money. The straight shot works well, but the 95mm mass air does create headaches down the road if you need to start dyno tuning.

    If I could do it over again I would not have gotten the 95mm mass air.

    EDIT: I DID have a Predator and it was a big disappointment. Just didn’t have the flexibility I needed. With your mods I don’t think you need one, the only thing it would be good for is rev limiter, speed limiter, traction control exc.
  10. gemex do you have mac straight shot or c&l 95 mm
    mass air system?
  11. I'm not getting into dyno I should be ok with the Mac. With the tuner, I am just going straight with the stock fooling around as I will definitely mess something up.

    Next subject: What's a good shifter to put on an '03 Cobra??
  12. C&L is what I have, will be going to MAC for the polished look to match the blower and T.B. :nice:
  13. Their are many good shifters out there, I love the Hurst; my second choice would be Steeda. :nice:

  14. Hey Gemex,

    I checked into the hurst shifter on rpmoutlet and it looks like a good buy for $150!! The stock shifter is SO cumbersome compared to my dad's Z06 for instance. The throw seems way too long and rough.

    If I went with the hurst, will it make a big enough difference to be worth the $150? Is it hard to install? Any tips/extra tools required? There are pretty simple instructions on rpm's website but I've never changed a shifter before and don't want to get screwed..

  15. I got mine through RPMoutlet, and it makes a big difference. The shifts are tighter and 2nd to 3rd is almost imposable to miss. It is supposedly the quietest shifter out there too.

    Installation took me just over an hour (it was my first time) pretty basic installation. If you are worried about doing it, have a shop do it. I have a friend that has installed several and he can do it in 15 min.
  16. JPjr,

    Have you used the Steeda?? I heard that and the 5.0 are good.........
  17. I have the 50 and love it. I would suggest it as well as others will suggest the Steeday, they are both great designs it is just what is in your budget.
  18. Budget is not an issue...I want what is best. :flag:
  19. Hey gemex - Did you ever get a custom tune sent to you for your Predator, or were you restricted to the out of the box tune + user adhustments? If you did get a custom tune, who was it from? Which version Predator did you have, the newer r12 or r12d version? Just curious...

  20. No I haven't. Heard mixed things about it though. Is there a consensus here on shifters, or is it like anything else.. no 'best' one...