MAC Straight Shot Induction

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  1. Well I'm looking for a Induction system for my car and i was wondering if there really is any difference between the steeda,mac, etc... systems? Dont you get the same thing? Are the price differences just because of the brand? Anyways.. has anyone had any experiences with the MAC Stainless Steel Straight Shot Induction system? Also how come the price is more expensive for the V6?? Couldnt I buy the GT one for cheaper and it would still work?????? :shrug:

    MAC Straight Shot
  2. Differences in CAI has to do with cone size and air flow.. Some companies just think theirs are better and charge more. Steeda is usually higher up there, but is a dependable name, ya see where Im going? Anything that guarantees "doesnt require a tune" I wouldnt mess with... youll see better results somewhere else for about the same money. With the GT its probably going to pull ALOT more air than the v6 needs, and Im not really sure if it will mount correctly.

    Prices will vary depending on where you find them.. so shop around a little bit. Its also probably a bit higher since they're new and they're testing the market.. not as many selling as the GTs yet.
  3. Alright, I'll take your word on it! Thanks
  4. Prices also vary on what parts you get. The ones in the 150 range are just the air filter and MAF housing. For around 370-400 you get the ones with the whole tube.
  5. Speaking of the whole tube, would the MMR tubing link up with other CAIs? They're the only ones I know of right now that have produced more than just filter and housing.
  6. the unit i am proto typing is just the box and that is the way they are going to sell it right now. 100 miles on it so far no lights and no tune and lots of power