MAC vs Flowmaster AM thunder cat-back

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  1. Well the local muffler shop up the street was able to get it to work...they lifted the car and loosened the bolts and tweaked it while they gave me some clearence and when i got home i loosened the tail pipe tip and tweaked it a bit more and tightened it down...seems to work. They also put some epoxy steel over the burn area and covered it up and if the pipe does slip back it wont melt that stuff, hard as steel...

    Sounds good and i do recomend it to anyone, just be patient and really tighten them down...i coulda really used that lift, wonder if the wife will let me get on? lol.

    On a side note there were too ricer kids up there waiting to get coffee cans put on there rides...they were actully pretty cool and were sincere with all of there questions. And the muffler shop didnt cost a thing, the manager is a '03 Mach 1 owner!!!
  2. LOL...I was wondering if this was another thing i was gonna have to shine up weekly....not enough clearence for me...but nice and bright at the moment
  3. Well now you got a friend with a lift.. you lucky bastard.. Tell him you'll be back with more stuff to install next week.. :D
  4. definatly a plus for when the mods start to come.... :banana:
  5. I would have to say MAC is betta then Flowmater.. i had a 96 GT put on just a OFF road H pipe no probs with it an it sounden betta an just as loud as a stang with flowmaters an a off road or X pipe.. now i have a 96 cobra using the same set up but also no its gettin a MAC catback sym.. thats just me everyone has there own sym they wanna run flowmater isnt bad at all its a well know sym...
  6. What?!? :confused: :scratch:

    Translation please? :shrug:
  7. I love my magnaflow... We had to cut the hanger too in order to get a better fit. And BTW... if you didn't tack weld the pieces together, I would recomend you do that. Then, you don't ever have to worry about them moving.

    I also have o/r pipes in my bassani cat-back... removing the cats... the magnaflows sound race car loud at WOT :) Zero rasp... just good american V8 rumble... I have vids in my sig if you have broadband :)