mach 1 chin splitter

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by DJT03GT, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Does anyone have a Mach 1 chin splitter that actually extends all the way around to the wheel wells? my comes up about a half inch short on both sides. If you do, where do you get it from...thanks
  2. All Mach 1 chins don't exactly line up perfectly. You either have to sacrifice the spoiler being set-back @ the the fron or have the small gaps near the fender wells. :shrug:
  3. Mine does, but its a matter of installation, not size. You have to use a bit of muscle and stretch it when you install it, but it will fit flush with the wheel wells, just start with the screws in the corners and alternate back and forth until you get to the middle.
  4. hmm....i didnt install mine, my body shop did cuz i had them paint it to match my car. Im guessing they didnt want to stretch it with the fresh paint on there, then again they do horrible work so im not sure what they were thinking...
  5. Don't bump into anything, that chin spoiler is so flexible the paint will probably crack. Other than that enjoy. :nice:
  6. i havent had any problems with the paint cracking, i think the paint looks great, too bad my shop cant match colors, or should i say my old sho
  7. Check out a Mach 1, the factory spoiler sits back about 1/2-3/4" at the front and that allows it to line up with the wheel wells.
  8. Thats just the was the chin spoiler is made. Just install it as is that one inch difference isn't even noticible.
  9. mine fits perfect
  10. fakefvc where did you get yours from?
  11. I've seen mach 1's that don't line up perfectly at the wheel wells from the factory either.If you want to line up at the wheel well you won't be flush at the front of your bumper. Stretching the chin spoiler does help in getting closer to a flush fit but it won't be perfect. They still look good anyway and it hides the ugly underside of your bumper...
  12. Put mine on last week and had about a 1/2" on each end.