Bullitt Mach 1 Chin Spoiler install

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BlackBullitt, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Looks great! Is your Bullit still the stock ride height? I'm thinking of using the Bullit spring set on my 03-Mach to drop it a little more. I don't want to scrape the chin spoiler off by using real short springs. Have you scraped your chin on driveways yet?

  2. Yes, I'm still at stock ride height for the Bullitt. Just scraped the first time, but it was pulling into a parking stall with a high curb. Otherwise, no scrapes, but I tend to avoid huge speed bumps and I might be thinking about it more now, so I've slowed down pulling into driveways, parking lots, etc.

    A note about the Bullitt suspension. I had the car on a road course in July and was absolutely amazed at the handling. It's not Vette like, but compared to what normally rolls outta detroit with a "GT" badge, I was very happy. A little stiff on crappy roads, but it's an upgrade I would have made anyway.
  3. nice, i'm going to order mine right now
  4. I checked out gefracing.com and I don't see the Mach 1 chin spoiler. :shrug:

    Oh and props to the beautiful instructions you put together; I got that site in my favorites for when I install mine. :nice:

    How much did you spend plus shipping, I seen it for $39.00 on buyfordracing.com but they seem to ding you on the shipping...$43.00 for ground. :(
  5. I have not scraped mine yet and it has been on for a year. Just be careful not to pull up far enough that your bumper hangs over sidewalks.
  6. Looks good. I hit mine for the first time the other day on a chunk of snowin the road. Then again I might be a little lower than you guys. But again looks good I think the chin spoiler realy sets off the 99+ stangs.
  7. looks nice. what track did you run on. i thought there was room for inprovment
  8. I bought my Mach 1 chin spoiler and it's sitting up in the garage. Those things don't fit on Cobras. grrrrrr :mad:
  9. I've had my chin spoiler for 3 months now. I don't want to put it on untill I'm done with my suspension. I have some spring pads, offset rack bushing, castor/camber plates, and a bumpsteer kit to go on yet. I'm afraid I would dammage the thing, I'm just too low until I get the spring pads on.
  10. Geeze, am I a thread killer in here too? :shrug:
  11. Damn that looks real nice, I wish I had the $$$ to get a bullitt.
  12. Cossel- Ran at Pacific (old SIR), couldn't hook the tires to save my life, but the 315's in the rear should fix that problem, not to mention a new track surface, baseline it like it is now, then some gears. Want to get my bike down there as well.... :D

    There is only one place I hit my spoiler and that is a light scrap when I enter my parking garage at work. I'm going to be doing suspension work as well, so we'll see how that goes-