Mach 1 Mach 1 clutch/idle issues? HELP

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Blue04Mach1, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Hey I was just wondering if anyone has had to change the clutch on their 03 or 04 Mach's yet...are these clutches very strong and up to par for a little racing? I just got mine and it only has 10,000 miles on it. 04. I was pretty much giving the car a good test run today for about an hour worth of ripping into second and even fishtailing 3rd gear. (the ground was slightly damp). Other than that I dont drive her hard and I never use the clutch unless Im shifting. I didn't WOT and I never wait on the clutch at lights or stop signs. Just a little hard gear chirping fun. Do I have anything to worry about?
    ---------------Part 2
    Does anyone else notice that their Mach idle comes down very slowly. For example I'm in 2nd gear at 3 RPM and I put it back into neutral. The needle slowly drops from 3 back down to 1 and then below 1. I feel it should it should be dropping more quickly though. Is this normal because of clutch and flywheel weight, or is something wrong with my car? I just got it 4 days ago. Also today after my gear chirping episode at one point for about 3 minutes when I was in neutral and then came to a stop, the idle stayed at about 1,300 RPMs, when normally it drops to about 700. Do all machs do this??:bang:
  2. I have 43K+ miles on my original clutch and no problems with it yet. For the idle issue, consider a IAC restrictor plate. It's cheap, easy to install, and works.
  3. For real? 43K on the original clutch? I got 52K and am on my 3rd clutch (original and 2 SPEC clutches).
  4. Most of my driving is highway
  5. Okay, that would make a difference. I'm also on my fourth set of tires, so I guess that says something too LOL!
  6. My clutch was replaced at 13K miles with a zoom performance and now at 34K it feels as good as it did right after it was put in.
  7. I am at 56k mikes 3rd set of tires and am about to change out my clutch (I can feel it slippin). Any suggestions?
  8. I just replaced my factory clutch with 70K miles and it was still good. ( I drive the hell out of the car) but most of the miles are highway so probably the key.

    I replaced mine while I was doing long tube install.

    I went with a a centerforce clutch.