Mach 1 Grille Delete

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  1. I've got the best husband! Last night was flippin thru MM&FF & telling him I wanted the grille delete (this is nothing new, he has to listen to a huge list of the things I want to do to the car daily :) ). He handed me one of his credit cards and said "order it". This will be the first thing I install myself other than interior billet parts, so I'm a little worried, but more excited, I hate that honeycomb grille.
  2. You are gunna love it! It was a BREEZE to install! Make sure you post pics!
  3. Definately will. Hoping it'll get here by next Sunday so I can do it Sun. or Mon.
  4. That is a great addition! My friend has an '04 GT and he put it in without my help, so it must be a pretty straight forward install. I have all the tools, so when it giets tough, he generally brings it around so we can both enjoy!

    He also put on the chin spoiler! That was a project we both had to work on, but it was such a great addition! I hope you consider that for your next mod. It took us about an hour I think. We had to do a little marking and drilling.

    Oh, yeah! The other thing he got was a trunk lid cover. Can't remember what it is actually called just now. I shrank the picture a little too much, but it really looks sharp!

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  5. I recommend taking the entire front bumper off when you install the grille delete. Getting to the two inner-most screws was a PITA, but then again I have fat hands...

    Taking off the bumper took about 10 minutes, plus it gives you the opportunity to clean both the bumper & the front of the car thoroughly. That way you don't have to worry about bending/breaking anything.

  6. I second that... and I don't have fat hands... and it was still much easier to remove the entire front bumper cover to install the grille delete.
  7. If I recall you need a 7mm wrench to get to the screws on the bumper.
  8. You shoulda bought a vortech while you had the chance with his credit card! :)