Mach 1 Mach 1 or an 04 cobra

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 04mach1, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Hi yes i have the chance of either buying a brand new Mach1 or a brand new Cobra. I was wondering which one you guys would suggest. It is going to be my daily driver. also what are your reasons for suggesting that car?
    Thanks mustangs rock!!
  2. well the cobra is clearly faster, but the mach 1 would be alittle better for daily driving
  3. I love my Mach 1 for the looks and price in my case. But the potential of the Cobra is unbelievable.
    Just a tune on the puter, a pulley and cold air box can get you over 400hp at the wheels!

    The Mach 1 has the 10:1 compression and are not as strong in the bottom end as the Cobras, so making more HP has its limits.
    However a lot of magazines have picked the Mach 1 as the winner in side by side comparisons. They loved the Mach seats :D

    A Cobra can be driven daily. I know a old fart that does it. :rlaugh:
  4. This is a no brainer. Even though I have a Mach, given that money was no issue I'd pick the Cobra.
  5. I could have had either and now I have 2 Mach's. The new Cobra's just don't do it for me it calls 6 banger. But it one heck of an engine if you want the maintaince of a SC car.
  6. if i had to choose. id say mach. its better for a everyday driver.
    ive drove both

    i would have gotten a mach but i have a 98 gt vert and am tired of looking at that interior.

  7. Why would a Mach1 be better for daily driving? Just wondering. Get the Cobra.
  8. For the price of 24K I couldn't pass up my Mach 1, but if money was not an issue I'd obviously get the Cobra.
  9. The styling of the Mach is just incredible and the Cobra is, IMO, bland at best. I bought the Mach and supercharged it. The best of both worlds and cheaper than the Cobra.
  10. I have Both a Mach1 and a Cobra..The Cobra is faster but i like the Mach1 a little better..It has a much lighter feel to it ...
  11. Are you Mach guys crazy? Sure, the Machs are kind of neat and all (and lower priced) but the Cobra is fastest production Mustang ever. I like the looks of the 03-04 Cobras and would pick one over a Mach in a heartbeat. Go to Livernois Motorsports and watch some of the 03 Cobra dyno pulls and you'll see why.
  12. I think the answer to this lies in if you like the IRS or not.
    A Mach 1 can be made to go fast and Cobra ... faster but,the biggest difference besides the huffer on top is the IRS.
  13. Well to be fair, to a lot of people it's not all about maximum power and speed. I think my Mach feels lighter on it's feet compared to my friends '03 Cobra. Looks are subjective but with the huge buldging hood with the shakers scoop the Mach definitly looks pretty ****ed. On the Cobra I like the front facia but the rear spoiler is horrific on that car. The interior is a push. I had a chance to get a used Cobra with 7 thousand miles on it for about 27K or a new Mach for 24k. Call me crazy but I went with the Mach because it's cheap, looks good (to me), was new, and though it's not the fastest Mustang, it's still faster then most other cars out there.
  14. I know that the snake makes mad power and has potential and all but If I had it to do all over I'd still take the Mach 1 for me I like the power the feel the sound etc. if you have ever ridden in a 03/04 cobra the blower whine is hideous my mach 1 sounds like a muscle car sure a Cobra could smoke me but my car is a heck of a lot more exclusive in the past few months I've driven from North Carolina to Pennsylvania and NC to Florida in that time I saw exactly 3 Mach 1s and probibly 8-10 cobras I'll take my slower Mach 1 any day and twice on Sundays. :hail2: the Cobra
  15. Sorry to open this Can 'O Worms, but I'm looking very seriously at trading the 03 Mach1 for a 04 Cobra...the Cobra is used and has 1500 miles less then my Mach1 (6500 miles total). I know that the Cobra has more production numbers than the Mach1, but here in Central Florida I've seen twice the number of MACH's than Snakes. I really like my Mach, but I get chills every time I see a Cobra. I like the idea of the forged motor and huffer on the Cobras...I would def miss my shaker hood. I guess it boils down to price and preference.
  16. Yeah, we're all crazy that's why we bought Mach 1's. :rolleyes: Does it ever occur to some people that it's not always about having the most powerful, fastest car in the fleet, but maybe the overall package that is the main selling point? I can line up against 90% of the cars on the road, and smoke them, that's fine with me. I've seen 03-04 Cobras get humiliated by primered, turbo'd Honda Civics! Using your logic, the Cobra owners should ditch their cars and hook up with the rice boys, because they're faster. I'm sure that will happen! Sometimes it's just not all about dyno sheets and quarter mile times, although since I've added juice to my Mach 1, even Cobras don't bother me much.